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13 Coins
188 pages | 232.9 мb.

Tags: 13 Coins John Pozner Samyaza
Good day of reckoning! John Posner always knew he was special; that his athletic abilities and combat skills were far from human. But with a broken childhood, drug addiction and a criminal record on his plate, he has fought more than his share of battles in a single life. Or so he hoped. Waking up in his true angelic nature, John quickly finds
13 Coins #06
49 pages | 57.4 мb.

Tags: 13 Coins John Pozner Martin Brennan
Twice the size of the question! With Eisner-winning artist Simon Bisley comes a new series, which is heaven and hell in a state of war in the angelic battle for the fate of mankind. How to start end of the world, ex-drug addict turned holy warrior John Posner all that stands in the way of the triumph of evil over the three kingdoms. But with his
13 Coins #01-05
5 issues pages | 174.3 мb.

Tags: 13 Coins John Pozner Michael B. Jackson
With Eisner-winning artist Simon Bisley, and screenwriters Hitman: Absolution (Martin Brennan and Michael B Jackson), comes a new superhero story ... The story of John Posner, tortured ex-Con in search of revenge when he discovers that he is descended from angels and the key to the future of Earth's living room, or a drop of heaven.
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