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'68 Vol.4 - Rule of War
The Vietnam War is over, but CIA Special Agent Declan Rule’s war has just begun. With the vicious, well-trained German Shepherd Nero at his side, he will journey deep into the humid, blood-soaked hell of Cambodia in search of a madman, a demented neurosurgeon bent on the creation of a hard-wired army of the weaponized, radio-controlled undead
'68 - Rule of War #04
MINISERIES CONCLUSION! After a month in prison in the tiger pit, Agent Declan Rule is facing its last session of torture crazy doctor Than Morne. On Pitt Island New Jersey in Kuens start to get interesting in the shadow of a serial killer in Vietnam, psychotic madman named War-Face cankered leads an army of the dead to heaven. The only thing
'68 - Rule of War #02
In the bloody jungles of Cambodia, CIA agent Declan Rule follows the murderer of his son straight into hell, populated by hard wired and ammo dead. In the skies over Vietnam plane filled with desperate survivors sputters and coughs, burning their last drop of fuel. And deep in the Southeast Asian rainforest, monster man hides his face behind a
'68 - Rule of War #01
In the shadow of doom- infected Cambodian Living Dead , CIA Special Agent Declan Rule and his canine companion Nero persecute human monster neurosurgeon bent on carrying out horrific experiments that turn into vicious war implements of war. In Vietnam, separate Kuen Yam and his ragtag group of survivors fight their way through the deadly No Man's
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