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Spider-Man - Breakout #01-05 Complete
NEW AVENGERS riot gets here! Jailbreak century causes more havoc in the Marvel U, as a flood of the most dangerous villains on the planet pour into the streets of New York! And caught between two warring cliques fast convicts have a favorite web-slinger!
Girl Comics Vol.2 #01-03 Complete
3 issues pages | 92.1 мb.

Tags: Girl Comics Storm Thing Tigra Valeria Richards Valkyrie Venus Wasp 2010
The most contentious issue in the Marvel Universe finally answered right on the cover , Marvel is proud to bring you a celebration of amazing women in comics with the first of the three issue anthology entirely created by the most talented and exciting women working in comics today , including Ann Nocenti (DAREDEVIL) Amanda Conner (Power Girl),
Fallen Angel Vol.1 #01-20 Complete
20 issues pages | 170.3 мb.

Tags: Fallen Angel Asia Minor Benny Doctor Juris Dolf Lee 2003-2005
In Bethe Noir, Angel plans to treat heroin Party for review, the Middle East, which is a drug lord. The problem is that someone else is also very interested in shipping. Will they get there the angel does?
Apache Kid #01-19 Complete
19 issues pages | 474.6 мb.

Tags: Apache Kid Atlas Joe Maneely Mike Sekowsky Syd Shores 1950-1956
Continued Reno Brown largest cowgirl Hollywood, Apache Kid ran during 1950 to 1956 for 19 issues. The series then went on to Western Gunfighters.
Marvel - Now What?! #01
Prepare to NOWest book Marvel is now history - Marvel now what? Watch now! Captain America Cat get caught! Watch now! Intervention Watcher! Watch now! Wedding Thor and Storm! All this and much more is casting bright stars of comedy and Marvel's most exciting artists bring you stories Marvel now that you never thought you would ever want to see -
Justice League Beyond 2.0 #06
With Batman and Superman unconscious trapped Phantom Zone, JAX-Ur and his army of robots Superman prevail!
Spider-Man - Doctor Octopus - Year One #01-05 Complete
Every kid thinks he is different, some of them. Now, look behind the veil of childhood Doctor Octopus "witnessed years of this mad genius! Plus: When the military attempts to use his brilliance, they have to deal with someone they can not hope to manage? With the first meeting of Doctor Octopus and Peter Parker, the first appearance of weapons
X-Terminators #01-04 Complete
From the pages of X-Factor, X-Terminators debut and join the new mutants at the end of the series.
X-Men Vs. Hulk
You're Colossus, the steel skin X-Man who can dish out some serious pain. So when Wolverine wants to take you peg or two, and who call on this? If you think the average and green, you're on the right track ... Join X-Legend Chris Claremont for a tutorial in pain you will not forget! Plus: a classic tale Roy Thomas!
X-Men - Kingbreaker #01-04 Complete
X-Men were defeated. Havok, Polaris and the Starjammers are held and tortured in the most secure prison in the universe. Wonder Woman, and Korvus Lilandroy hunt for the Imperial Guard. Emperor Vulcan Shi'ar Empire and his expansion has begun. No king shall stand when Vulcan and his armies are done. Join Christopher Yost (X-FORCE) and Dustin Weaver
X-Men - Hellbound #01-03 Complete
Fighting for the future of mutants, X-Men locked in battle with Bastion, preventing its strength even sacrifice themselves. When Magic seriously injured in battle, she instinctively flees to the sanctuary of Limbo ... just to get into the clutches of a longtime adversary hoping to wrest the powerful Soulsword - and control of Limbo - in her hands.
X-Men - Blind Science
X-Men are on the ropes , barely dodging enemies whose master plan for dealing with them to survive. Finding suspicious activity just off the coast of their refuge, Utopia , X-Men send their best and brightest to investigate , hoping to discover just what Bastion is plotting . However , X- Club is in for more than they expected , namely, a trap
Spider-Man - The Power Of Terror #01-04 Complete
All this is happening while married to Peter MJ experiencing ups and downs. He discovered that his "parents" were actually robots. He went through his dark and Moody " I Spider " thing. He met Ben and Jude travelers and learned that he was going to become a father . Now, at the same time waving it around looking for trouble. He made when he was
Spider-Man - Hobgoblin Lives #01-03 Complete
In this story, a new Hobgoblin. But - he says that the first Hobgoblin and kills someone who, in his opinion, does not deserve this identity: Jason Makendeyla!
Spider-Man - Death and Destiny #01-03 Complete
Many years ago, Spider-Man and his characters suffer terrible losses ... but after gone largely unexplored. Now we go back to the days after Captain George Stacy died at the hands , do it tentacles, Dr. Octopus . What Harry Osborn , J. Jameson John and Gwen Stacy deal with this terrible event? The most important thing that Peter Parker react when
Smallville - Season 11 #68
In the battle against Superman Golem, Diana takes the battle straight to hell! But the only way it knows it has to win to take the life of Faust. Will she be willing to pay that price?
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #01-35 Complete
Silver Sable has to deal with her ??‹??‹country running, mercenaries who will not obey orders and intervention warriors who stand in the way of saving endangered niece.
Ronin #01-06 Complete
6 issues pages | 157.1 мb.

Tags: Ronin Agat Billy Challas Casey McKenna 1983-1994
Many illustrations , 6 issue mini-series , Ronin was the first project to use DC prestige format ( glossy paper cardboard with lids ) and was one of the most influential works of its time. Film blending of words and images. Sci - fi epic was written and drawn by Frank Miller's popular comics artist is known for pushing the envelope of visual story
Black Knight Vol.2 #01-04 Complete
This four volume part as so-called revival of the Black Knight after his original five-part series Atlas (although he was a member of the Avengers mainstay for many years).
Avatar - The Last Airbender - The Search Part 1-2
For years, fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Corrie burned one question, what happened to the Fire Lord Zuko's mother? Find the key finally resorted to help Zuko Avatar Team and is most unlikely ally to help uncover the biggest secret of his life. It's the perfect companion to The Legend of Corrie! Official continuation of Airbender


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