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Suicide Risk #06
Trapped in the grip of a nightmare Crew, Leo Winters must find a way to protect his family ... and his sanity. But Leo soon discovers how far he would go for that, and another can scare even the super villains that his trap ...
Screwed #05
22 pages | 45.2 мb.

Tags: Screwed Thomas Keith Miller David Zenescope 2013
The demon from the past appears to threaten sanity Erin. Anne is trying to appeal to the life she once knew, but it may take a monster is she now? Meanwhile, the main event that fans have been asking for since the release of one arrives: Agent Simon and seam Face Off, and only one will leave! And the stage is set for an explosive finale as the
Night of the Living Dead - Aftermath #11
Horror writer David Hine brings original zombie phenomenon to new heights of terror wrought on the Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath! Las Vegas survivors thought they were saved, delivered to the military camp where the human race can fight against the rising tide of undead. But inside the concrete walls of a hideous evil lives and breathes
Misery City #07
22 pages | 40.1 мb.

When the levee breaks, poor Max to cross the borders of consciousness and immerse yourself in a terrible birthday of his unhappy and alone. While Max does the night shift, a new player arrives uninvited to the city, ready to Raise Hell. Now, who can change what is written in the pages of the stony fate?
Hawken - Melee #02
26 pages | 36.3 мb.

Tags: Hawken - Melee Hawken Mahfood Jim Jock Archaia 2013
Hi-mech combat from the world Hawken, award-winning online game video! This issue is written and illustrated by street-funk, fan-favorite artist Jim Mahfood, spreading the madcap, a cautionary tale about a celebrity arrogance in the midst of a heavy metal corporate war called "Attack! Thanks to the cover by Jock!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Down Rabbit the Hole #05
All the madness, all the horror and terror of all cause this. Jabberwocky prison walls keeping in mind Alice began to crumble, and an ancient evil will soon be released back into the realm of madness, if Alice can not find a way to stop it. The final battle that will decide the fate of sanity Alice and the tragic fate that awaits here! All this
Grimm Fairy Tales Giant-Size 2013 (Unleashed Part 6)
After the shocking events of last issue, the heroes of the Grimm universe remained razbrosany.Poisk Shang concludes as the truth is revealed plans exist ... and nothing will ever be the same.
Cavewoman Primal (One-Shot)
29 pages | 42.8 мb.

Tags: Cavewoman Primal Black studious Durham Rob 2013
This Cavewoman one-shot darkness that lives in Merriam will be revealed. Gangster continuing storyline, Bruce Merriam devastated by the loss, which was only the second man in her life she ever truly loved. Since the loss of her grandfather, ten years ago, was Meriem was so emotionally unstable. Follow her descent into madness as she unleashes the
Pathfinder - Goblins #3
23 pages | 43.2 мb.

Tags: Pathfinder - Goblins Pathfinder Goblins
In the "read or not to read the" pen is mightier than the sword, especially if you are a goblin! Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of goblin like a good book, but one interesting thing may well be the Shakespeare of his people ... If he survives, he experienced. And in "The Way of the Goblin ', a pack of goblins, there is a new leader who can
Savage Wolverine #09
A new arc begins here, the New York Times best-selling artist JOCK back story about science fiction intrigue in the distant future! When Wolverine crash-lands on an alien planet, he'll need more than just a healing factor it to survive! But even if he adapts to this strange environment and its strange inhabitants, Logan will be able to process
The Shadow Now #1
25 pages | 36.9 мb.

Tags: The Shadow Now The Shadow Now comics Shadow
After spending a decade in the east to rejuvenate himself, the greatest pulp hero of all, the shadow returns to New York in the modern era. Lamont Cranston seeks to resume his old life and his heroic alter ego is ready to rise again as the enemy of evil. But while he was away, his enemies were vigilant, and the most dangerous man ever encountered
Shadowman #11
Halloween is here - and he's going to hit New Orleans like a ton of bricks. This is the eve of All Saints in Big Easy - and Shadowman is going to find himself alone on the job, stood guard at the most dangerous night of the year . Still recovering from the effects of his fight with disastrous Master Darque , Jack could go it alone and defend your
The Accelerators #03
Two reluctant time travelers find themselves trapped in a nightmarish future where time travel has become a deadly game. Bertram was the favorite of the public, and forced to keep fighting in the Games. Meanwhile, Spatz is brought to meet the creator of the game and find out more about this strange future in which it is in a quandary.
Quantum and Woody #04
The stunning first appearance ... Goat! Strongly disagree and hopelessly outgunned, Quantum and Woody are torn apart! In the literal sense! Can they get their $ # @% before together with the atoms of crushed mysterious Crone and her super-science Marines? Probably not. But when a new ally out of the shadows, they will find the strength to fight
Hit #02
Harvey Slater fifteen pounds Baja refrigerator hidden in the trunk of his car. He has sex with the daughter of his commanding officer. There's a dead cop lying in his living room. And his problems are just beginning ... Hit Squad comes under fire for their sloppy job on the hit Infantino, and the tragedy is the closest to Slater who took off, one

Hit #02 (2013)

Publisher: Boom
Edison Rex #10
21 pages | 22.4 мb.

Edison Rex has been working hard for months to prove to the public that he is a hero now, and not a villain anymore. But what others think of villains changes Edison heart?
Codename - Action #2
26 pages | 33.3 мb.

Tags: Codename Action Codename Action
The Cold War threatened to heat up quickly, as world leaders on both sides of the Iron Curtain are beginning to insist on armed conflict. But few know that those rattling sabers are essentially identical twins, who replaced the real leaders. The operator may veteran and rookie Spy 5 1001 Operational uncover who is behind these substitutions, and
Solid State Tank Girl #04
25 pages | 32.4 мb.

Tags: Solid State Tank Girl Titan comics 2013
Spawned in the dark, trained in secret, brewed in Bollock, Anti Tank Girl is the worst nemesis Tank Girl ever been to one against! The towering building pink blondeness, it emits rays of uncontrolled rainbows, love and ponies, where it goes - and aims to replace Tankistka forever! There's no way that Tank Girl and her gang of misfits are going to
Batwing #24
22 pages | 39.2 мb.

Tags: Batwing new Batwing download Batwing
At the direction of Batman Luke Fox flies to Italy to compete in mixed martial arts tournament. He's going to come face to face with Lady Vic and Charlie Caligula, so let's hope he brought his newly modified Batwing armor!

Batwing #24 (2013)

Publisher: DC
Doctor Who - Prisoners of Time #9
Our annual celebration of Doctor Who 50th anniversary continues! Ninth Doctor takes the spotlight in this issue of 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 Doctors incarnation, with fan-favorite companion Rose Tyler in tow! Plus: Who kidnapped comrades doctor? Mysterious enemy Doctor Revealed!
Fantomex MAX #01
X-Men's own International Super Thief in his mini-series MAX! Sexy secret agents, strange weapons, vintage champagne and a damsel in distress. All uncensored action you could ever want in a comic ... and much more!


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