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Capture Creatures #01

Capture Creatures #01

Why We Love IT: Frank and Becky side splitting writing and gorgeous work has always been our favorite, especially with their original web comics as a tiny kitten teeth. Getting the chance to tell their fascinating creature original story and see more of what they can do ... so we would not miss it.

Why you'll love it: Becky Dreistadt (Adventure Time 2014 annually) and Frank Gibson (the wonderful world of Gumball) are two of the most intelligent and visually arresting creators in the business, and this is one of their most ambitious projects in the history. Of bright visuals in the history of happy and cheerful, touching moments, you'll love every second in the world. If you love titles like Pokemon or Digimon, or simply as an interesting thing, this is definitely a comic for you.

What it is: More than a hundred wonderful and terrifying creatures suddenly appeared on Earth. Two teenagers went on an adventure to explore the origin of these curious creatures and learn how they can stop those who are trying to destroy them.

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