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Edison Rex #12
21 pages | 22.7 мb.

Tags: Edison Rex Eclipse II Edison Rex M'alizz Warren
Edison Rex has finally managed to convince everyone that he is a hero now, not the villain he used to be? And there is a new generation of heroes to take him as one of its?
The Standard #03
35 pages | 57.8 мb.

Tags: The Standard John Lees Jonathan Rector
Gilbert Graham became the standard again, but that's another, darker world since its heyday. In the past, Standard fought colorful supervillains, such as skunk. Now, he must go down to the sewers below Sky City to confront a monstrous child kidnapper Piper. Will be the first mission of The Standard since his return to the ring as his last?
Absolution - Happy Kitty #01
CHRIST GAGE rocked the comics community " events Absolution: Rubicon ! From the ashes of excitement in the scholar comes first special issue of the origin of fan - favorite character , Happy Kitty! Gage joined the fan favorite artist Paul (Freakangels) Duffield, which illustrates and colors of this issue. It just an average teenage girl who loves
God Is Dead #04
29 pages | 43.8 мb.

Tags: God Is Dead Di Amorim Jonathan Hickman
End of the world has come! How to destroy Asgard pantheon after pantheon in their quest for total domination , the last hope of the human race is a desperate gamble to create your own god weapons. But when the divine is the Antichrist ... he leaves , except for the destruction of the entire human kind are very few options . Jonathan HICKMAN
Rover Red Charlie #01
27 pages | 46.4 мb.

Tags: Rover Red Charlie Charlie Red Rover
When the worldwide epidemic suddenly saves the Earth , of all people , what happens to man's best friend ? GARTH ENNIS - master wordsmith of preacher and Crossed - delivers a story like no other , as a group of canines intended to survive on their own for the first time . This is the story of three best friends at the end of the world. Charlie was
Noir #2
28 pages | 43.5 мb.

Tags: Noir Miss Fury The Black Sparrow The Shadow 2013
Prelude to Miss Fury! When thieves steal from other thieves, he is always a problem, is not it? So when Black Sparrow hired to steal a mysterious "Moonstone" from a museum in New York, her decision to keep the thing for better wages irritates her former employer, who then steal it from her. Now that Black Sparrow is irritated, and it is a
Six-Gun Gorilla #06
26 pages | 52.4 мb.

Tags: Six-Gun Gorilla Simon Spurrier Jeff Stokely
Blue almost reached BlisterGate in his mission to return the love token dying general in his land of the wife. The only problem? He will have to cross the battlefield to get there, as the rebels and soldiers BXF, to get it and not 6GG in sight.
Quantum and Woody #06
35 pages | 46.3 мb.

Tags: Quantum and Woody Quantum Woody James Asmus
Boldly laying their lives on the line! ... (Involuntarily uphold the ideals of multi-billion dollar corporation private security) ... Quantum and Woody have stumbled on a suicide mission! And if they make it out alive, it only means a whole new world of trouble for our dyadic duo!
Daredevil - Dark Nights #07
23 pages | 33.1 мb.

Tags: Daredevil - Dark Nights Daredevil Misty Knight
Miami, Florida. Of his element. Surrounded by enemies. Misty Knight is breathing down his neck. Is this a problem for Matt Murdock?
X-Men Legacy #21
23 pages | 34.8 мb.

Tags: X-Men Legacy Blindfold Legion Professor X
Legion final battle with the monster in his head that wears the face of his late father! What's worse: the demonic Professor X has escaped into the real world. That he would unleash terror? This is the culminating story this series has been building to, a guest star allies Legion made ​​along the way ... and not all of them will get away with
The Fox #02
NEW SERIES red circle ! From the world of the New Crusaders prihoditvysokogo flight FOX! Emmy Award-winning writer / artist Dean Haspiel ( Billy Dogma , HBO in Bored to Death ), and Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Thrillbent) continues the saga of the legendary pulp - style geroyaFox Freak MAGNET in the second part : " Diamonds
Code Monkey Save World #02
When the office crush Code Monkey was kidnapped Laura Robo Queen, it seemed a smart move to team up with the most ruthless supervillain in the world to save her. But supervillain partner Code Monkey has some shocking secrets of his own, which throw the whole plan is in danger! Due to the origin of Skullcrusher! A secret history of Code Monkey!
Young Avengers #13
This periodic plans include the amount above the industry average and the level of drama, conflict (both internal and external), action set pieces. It will include 20 pages of comic art. It prominently displays heroic attempts to save the world and kisses.
Painkiller Jane The Price of Freedom #02
PAINKILLER JANE back in action as a bizarre group of assassins hired by a mysterious boss were sent to hunt down and kill as Jane and she protects the princess in the middle of a vacation town in Long Island. The problem is that they have no idea who they are messing with Jane strikes back with bloody revenge!
Marvel Knights X-Men #02
In a small cabin in the woods, X-Men find a young mutant who learns to control his powers ... but she's not alone! Can our heroes may survive after they ambushed a horde of supervillains? Will Rogue, Wolverine, and Kitty to save himself and the young mutant before they found her strength to get out of control?
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #03
Spider shipped - trapped on board the submarine underwater submarine with some of his most dangerous enemies! Spider-Man will be able to reach the command deck of the submarine and take control of the ship? Thanks to the return of the most famous Universe Marvel - and infamous - villains!
Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #03
Worst threats ever have / will face Marvel Universe? In Hulkvengers? Kraven on Pheonix? WolfCap? Wolverine King vampires? Cosmic Carnage? Sounds like a job for Longshot, is not it?
Iron Man #19
"IRON METROPOLITAN" PART TWO! Pepper meets P.E.P.P.E.R. Uh-oh. Pepper discovers a secret family, Tony. A different kind Oh-oh. Inauguration of the nucleus of Troy, Iron Metropolitan Tony Mandarin-City. What could go wrong?
Inhumanity #01
After INFINITY, Marvel Universe has changed. Avengers okazyvaГ»tsГў face to face with Carnac, kotoryj UNLOCKED secretion NelГ»dej, What will trasto Marvel U k ego ADRU.
Guardians of the Galaxy #09
INFINITY tie-in Infinity adventure continues as growth in Thanos may fall Trustees.
Fantomex MAX #03
Fantomex fight for his life against the deadly Kraken! EVA takes a new look ... and terrible understanding.And, that underlies object Shivas?
Avengers Annual #01
It's Christmas in Avengers Tower. All have somewhere better to be alone and Cap tower sitting on debt. Or is it? Outside all is calm, all is calm, but inside it's an avalanche of chaos as the attacker is own tower Avengers against them! And the introduction of Zamir! She Meryl Streep with a vengeance! Or maybe just a hormonal teenager ... With
Amazing X-Men #02
X-Men, on the search for Nightcrawler, are separated! Wolverine and Northstar mysteriously in. .. paradise? But where does that leave the rest of the team?


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