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S.H.O.O.T. First #02
Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration led a task force to Egypt to take on terrorist groups and their monstrous defender! But this is one battle that SHOOT can not hope to win, and when the dust settles, the team will never be the same, and the identity of the traitor is revealed!
Let's Play God #01
Punk is dead. You're next. After witnessing the murder, Mel keys must follow in order to avoid death and to find out who is stalking her bandmates. Zane and Brea Grant (We will bury you, Suicide Girls) and EricJ (Rex Mundi, Fly) to submit the final descent girl in the world with blood.
KISS Kids #02
26 pages | 16 мb.

Tags: KISS Kids Celestial Chikara Demon Starchild 2013
It's back to school time for a kiss Kids! Children try to navigate a new school clothes, science fairs, and the evil twin robots, among other obstacles to Rockin 'all night and partyin' (after the NAP-time) all day ...
Green Hornet - Legacy #41
Superheroes vs. Superzombies! With the number of Century City in costumed vigilantes booming, Green Hornet must combine these crimes-Fighters together or fail in the war against Dr. Dread and his army of murderous zombies.
Green Hornet - Legacy #40
Century City is overrun ... costumed crime fighters? A wave of new heroes poured into the city to "help" and they are all here to see the same person, the Green Hornet! GH can concentrate these unwanted vigilantes in the power of good, or they will end up on the other side of the law? Four colors of fisticuffs brought to you by Jai Nitz and Jethro
Clown Fatale #01
27 pages | 55.5 мb.

Tags: Clown Fatale Chloe Tucker Victor Gischler 2013
Sexy female clowns are mistaken for assassins and to abandon its shabby traveling circus for a world of violence and cruelty with the clown makeup.
Bo Plushy Gangsta - Kingdom of BO #02
There are legends Bo, "Teddy Bear" gangsta, right? And we just said teddy bear gangsta?? You are going to find out - when the girls get caught on Bo rival gang boss, scary plush Gangsta forced into action! Bo Plushy is Scarface meets Ted, with over-the-top video game style gang boss battles.
Beware the Batman #02
Professor Pyg planned a series of robberies and Batman needs reinforcements! But even as Alfred and Katana take two goals Pyg author, professor himself careening through the city, threatening the life of a boy and his parents. Batman will save him in time?
Batman Beyond 2.0 #08
It's Batman vs. Rewire ... Part Deux! But as Terry, Dick and Barbara to stop this terror from the electric leveling Neo-Gotham? Do not miss the final chapter of our first story arc!
Avatar - The Last Airbender - The Search Part 3
Avatar Aang goes to the spirit world to negotiate with the ancient power, resulting in the Fire Lord Zuko is getting closer to the discovery of the truth about the fate of his mother and his past. But Zuko's sister Azula is becoming increasingly dangerous, threatening to destroy everything that Zuko, Aang, Katara and Sokka trying to achieve on
Afterlife with Archie #02
New Ongoing Series ! End of the world here ... The horror continues as a zombie Jughead goes on a relentless hunt for brains in this shocking new series Harvey award-winning comic / writer Roberto Aguirre -Sacasa ( Stephen King's Carrie , Archie meets Glee) , and Eisner award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla ( Batman, Black beetle) . When he
The Vampire Diaries #2
Elena, Stefan and Damon make his debut in the new comic book series based on the hit TV show CW! This anthology series will bring some of the great comic talents in Mystic Falls, and set them free to bring the characters to life. Or death. They are vampires, you know.
Crossed - Wish You Were Here Vol.3 #21
Crossed - Wish You Were Here Vol.3 #21 and Marvel comics, DC comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse comics, Valiant Universe comics, Vertigo, Boom comics, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboo
Judge Dredd #01-35 Complete
35 issues pages | 447.9 мb.

Tags: Judge Dredd Eagle comics 1983-1985
Like a number of other related comic 2000AD reprint, it has changed the name of the publishers and names several times. It began as Judge Dredd and lasted for 33 issues (under the heading Eagle Comics), then moved to the Quality Comics for questions 34-35. After two issues of quality Comics restart the series with all new Judge Dredd Issue 1. This
Wonder Man Annual #01-02 Complete
Wonder Man becomes part of a commercial shoot on a secluded island paradise. Unfortunately, deep in the mountains is a threat that endangers all who work in the commercial, and much drugoe.2 second part has a Top 10 Miracle Man villains like presentation and presentation of the Oscars, with surprise as the leading man show.
Sergio Aragones Boogeyman #01-04 Complete
We saw how he was doing this for many years in Mad Magazine, and now Sergio Aragones introduces a new series for Dark Horse, taking a twisted look at genres that readers Comics hold most dear. If you notice how serious horror books take themselves lately, Boogeyman will be a breath of fresh air to blow right through boneyard! Follow the latest
Young Allies #01-06 Complete
In the tradition of the original World War Two Young Allies Comics, a new team of young superheroes begins in the heroic age. Series should be constant, but was canceled because of Issue 6 due to failing sales. Issue 7 was requested, but has not been published. The series was continued in several Onslaught unleashed. Issue 3 of this series was the
Twelve Reasons To Die #02
Created by Ghostface Killah Wu-Tang Clan and RZA production, 12 reasons to die a brutal tale of gangsters, betrayal, and a vengeful soul hunting crimelords 12 most powerful in the world.
Planet of the Apes Special
Daryl Gregory returned to the planet of the apes in this epic -sized issue , featuring fan-favorite artist Diego Barreto ( irredeemable ) over 32 pages of new stories and art! It's the return of Jason Aaron ( scalps , Wolverine and the X-Men ) is called : "The best comic ever PLANET OF THE APES . And one of my favorite comics of the year , period.
Infestation 2 - Team-Up
Special Leap Year 5th week of release! Bat Boy meets in a bar with Archibald Groom Lake, to drunkenly discuss event comics like Infes2ation!
Infestation 2 - Dungeons & Dragons - Eberron #01-02 Complete
Introducing the world of D & D Eberron campaign to comics! Abraxis Wren is the most notorious inquisitor in Sharn, city of towers, and when the normal (well, routine by his standards) case puts him on the trail of creatures beyond the ken of mortals, it's only a matter of time before he finds himself caught in the middle of Infection 2 !


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