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Mary Marvel #01-28
27 issues pages | 598.7 мb.

Tags: Mary Marvel Ariadne Dr. Sivana Georgia Sivana Hippolyta
Missing #19 issue. Mary Marvel's ongoing, back when The Marvel Family was owned by Fawcett Comics. Title changes to Monte Hale Western with issue #29.
Fall Of The Hulks - The Savage She-Hulks #01-03 Complete
She left her apocalyptic world for this. Her mother was a heroine, her father furious Hulk. Which way is the Savage She-Hulk called lira for and why it led her to add her might to master Scary Four? See how some of the toughest women in the Marvel Universe to change the balance of power in the Fall Of prison of this exciting series by Jeff Parker
Fall Of The Hulks - Red Hulk #01-04 Complete
The Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk mini series primarily by Jeff Parker and Carlos Rodriguez ran from March to June 2010.
Captain Marvel Adventures #01-150 Complete
Captain Marvel Adventures was one of several habits during the Golden Age starring Fawcett Captain Marvel , who was more popular than Superman in the late 40 's and early 50 's. The series told the adventures of the young Billy Batson, who are saying the magic word "Shazam!" get superpowers. The problem was , these powers were somewhat similar to
Savage Wolverine #16
23 pages | 37.5 мb.

Tags: Savage Wolverine Wolverine Richard Isanove
WRATH Part 3 of 4 In a race against time, Logan must keep the children under his care from the Enforcer. As the first of the dust storms ravage the country bears down on South Dakota, Logan must decide what he can to survive: his enemies or black blizzard.
Deadpool - The Gauntlet #12
Succubus Queen, Shiklah, assumes her husband to be, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula! I thought you had to marry before you start to struggle? However, this one is worthy Throwdown marriedest pairs! Plus: Deadpool!
Draw! (1-23 series + The Best of Draw!)
25 issues pages | 1200 мb.

The professional "how-to" magazine for comics and animation featuring step-by-step demos from the top pros in comics and animation.
The Mis-Adventures Of Adam West #11
Adam West is almost used to the idea of time travel and fictional sizes, but what happens when these different dimensions to unite around him? And in the process, to combine the most unique team of heroes ever, whose members include Dirk Benedict, Julie Newmar, Peter Mayhew, Eartha Kitt, Bill and George Takei Mummy, its mission to save the
Mass Effect - Foundation #09
Jacob and Miranda's mission takes a deadly turn as the duo find themselves in a vicious gun sights batarian warlord! Mass Effect 2 and 3, the main author of Mac Walters continues spectacular series set during the events of the blockbuster science-fiction trilogy from BioWare! Canonical entry in the universe Mass Effect! Mass Effect 3 was the
Critter #19
Heroes of the world to unite against Tidepool in the final battle ... Creature, but not among them.
Ash And The Army Of Darkness Annual
Army of Darkness grows as Wiseman's legion of Deadites ransack town after town, burning the building and stealing souls. Ash and mask fighter on the run and find themselves trapped in a dark forest, where old foe awaits Ash.
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #37
Deia meets a new race to Mars, getting more than she expected when she is faced with an old enemy. Meanwhile, her niece continues her dangerous game of deception, because it hurt to destroy the royal family of helium.
Legends Of Red Sonja #5
33 pages | 33.7 мb.

Tags: Legends Of Red Sonja Blair Butler Jim Calafiore
FINAL ISSUE! The epic mini-series with all-star creators concludes! This book, celebrating the 40th anniversary of chertovka goes with a bang, including stories written by Gail (Batgirl) Simone Blair (Attack show heart) Butler, and Kelly Sue (Pretty Deadly) DeConnick, with stunning art by Jack Jadson Valentine and Jim (Secret Six) Calafiore. Sonia
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Animated Adventures #09
This question has two stunning Turtle Tales! At first, the robot head of the metal begins to act very strangely. When the Turtles try to fix it, the dispute between Raph and Don could bring the entire day to go awry! The second story details the striking new black eye authenticity Raf author!
Midas Flesh #04
27 pages | 38.4 мb.

Tags: Midas Flesh Ryan North Shelli Paroline
Oh no! Our crew face to face against medical ships Federation, Titanic, and they are here to take away the secret weapon that our team worked so hard to acquire. But if they can access them without anyone suffering the fate Midas Touch?! Do our friends have the stomach to kill hundreds of innocent aboard a medical ship in order to preserve their
Aquaman #29
26 pages | 44.4 мb.

Tags: Aquaman Alec Holland Hercules Mera Aquaman comics
This total action as Akvamen It feels anger total action as Akvamen feels anger of Hercules, as he makes his first appearance in the new 52! And environmental problems seen in the pages of Swamp Thing could put Arthur on a collision course with some Green Avatar!

Aquaman #29 (2014)

Publisher: DC
My Little Phony - A Brony Adventure #01
Welcome to the world of horses, heh, middle-aged men who share an unusual devotion My Little strange. Though the line is sparkley and adorable horse was made for young girls, nothing stops the horse-HES from this life. If a dispute over which clan lights Horse-SEC surest to the original vision Horsey creator, the game gets one-race wonder, and
Mercy Sparx vol. 2 #4
29 pages | 42.9 мb.

Tags: Mercy Sparx Josh Blaylock Matt Merhoff
Figthing. Cursing. Devils. Demons. How. Sarcasm. Smoking while drinking. Angels. More Wrestling. Hangover. Cursing. Booze. Tattoos. Epic events unfold to change the course of the world. I drink .... Continued!
Marie and Jeanne #02
20 pages | 26.4 мb.

Tags: Marie and Jeanne Jeanne d'Arc Marie
Having an escort of Vokuler, Marie and Jeanne make their way to see the Dauphin in Chinon. Joan as targeted as ever, but Marie feels some distance between her and her best friend.
Marie and Jeanne #01
22 pages | 27.8 мb.

Tags: Marie and Jeanne Jeanne d'Arc Marie
Jeanne Marie and the first issue of a comic book about two girls in 15th century France, one of which is Joan of Arc. Marie is an orphan in a small French town Domremi. Her friend, Joan of Arc, hears voices.
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Clash Of Queens #02
Age of Darkness The first appearance of the trickster With the advent of Ebony Blade, Queens wonders are each sent their most powerful lieutenants to claim the mythic weapon for themselves. But even with their united strength, getting the blade may be more problematic than they ever imagined when a deadly trickster her many sights on the weapon
Indestructible Hulk #20
Bruce Banner was enough! He's crazy - and that's not good! Banner accuses MARIA Hill and SHIELD the tragic fate of his laboratory assistant and seeks revenge! There's more than enough blame to go around, however - and the banner at the crossroads of the murderer!


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