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Rocket Raccoon #01-04 Complete
A dazzling crazy adventure in Halfworld! This mini-series re-introduces us to the crazy going on in the world of whacky mismatch (nuts) of the people and their caregivers animals.
Moonshadow #01-12 Complete
Originally published by Marvel's Epic imprint , Moonshadow was bought and re-released most of a decade later, DC Vertigo, and even given a new ending " to the creators of the off- prestige format one-shot , goodbye moon's shadow . This maxiseries is a travel Moonshadow young boy to a spiritual awakening , began life in the intergalactic zoo and
Farewell Moonshadow
Serves as a kind of epilogue to release a series of 12, the Moonshadow.
Two-Gun Kid #01-136 Complete
136 issues pages | 3690 мb.

Tags: Two-Gun Kid Collection Brett Dawson Claire Cyclone 1948-1977
Two -Gun Kid and his horse Cyclone ride into town Sundown, Arizona. There's a stray bullet lightning was knocking cowboy . Suspecting trouble, two-gun strikes the interior, where a shot rang out and finds a man shot in the arm for refusing to drink with the other. Two -Gun Shooter confronts a heated exchange occurs . When the two-gun shooter says
X-Men Noir - Mark of Cain #01-04 Complete
A few months after the events of the welfare Pen, lawmakers are concerned about the controversial U.S. extraterritorial Genosha Bay prison for his alleged inhuman treatment of their prisoners , and seek to close it forever. At a hearing in the Senate, Senator Robert Kelly defended the prison, saying that it was necessary, in the logic of eugenics
X-Men Colossus - Bloodline #01-05 Complete
Colossus discovers that he is a distant cousin to Grigory Rasputin, the mad monk who was responsible for the collapse of Russian Romanov family.
Video Jack #01-06 Complete
From the control experiment, the woes and put a little pranks Anytown, USA in the quaint dimension of sight and sound ... And the only thing that can save this Video Jack!
Ringo Kid #01-30 Complete
30 issues pages | 852.1 мb.

Tags: Ringo Kid Collection Marvel Atlas 1970-1976
Ringo Kid is a fictional character in the Western Marvel Comics' universe, whose comic book series was originally released on 1950's predecessor company, Atlas Comics. Less well-known character than of Kid Colt, Rawhide Kid, or two-Gun Kid, he also appeared in a reprint of the series in 1970.
Rawhide Kid #119-151 Complete
33 issues pages | 695.3 мb.

Tags: Rawhide Kid Collection Marvel Atlas 1974-1979
Rawhide Kid is back with new costumes and a new attitude to be a quick hunt cowboy Miracle! The series ran from 1960 to 1979, a total of 151 issues.
Blaze #01-12 Complete
Continued Ghost Rider / Blaze: Spirits Vengeanc. Blaze is playing a leading role in his first ongoing series, as the ex-Ghost Rider.
Batman Beyond 2.0 #5
23 pages | 25.7 мb.

Tags: Batman Beyond 2.0 Batman Beyond Batman
The Adventures of Terry Mc Guinness - fearless Knight of Tomorrow - continues. Future Batman will meet with dangerous new enemies and, of course, with the bad old friends - the seductive female metamorphosis Inc., a silent killer curare, insidious Spellbaynderom psychologist, a gang of "Royal Flash" Justice League as well as the most dangerous and
X-Men - Hellfire Club #01-04 Complete
They have existed for centuries, influential clique bent on world domination. The beginning of this evil entourage were shrouded in secrecy, until now! Delve into the past of the Shaws, Worthingtons, Braddocks, Harknesses and gray! Learn of grief, betrayal and the blood of the covenant, which stimulated the formation of Inner Circle! Thanks to
X-Men - Black Sun #01-05 Complete
The demon known as the Belasco lit the way around the world searching for the legendary Blood . With it, he can open the dimensional portal , allowing all Limbaugh pour into our world ! Enter the Storm , Banshee, Sunfire, Colossus , Night , Wolverine and the new mutant who took the namesake of Thunderbird! But even this command (which is first
Star Trek Annual Vol.2 #01-06 Complete
The crew of the enterprise is trying to save the colony world, the population of which was struck by a deadly plague. There, Mr. Sulu finds a lost love. Unfortunately, everything else is hostile to the colonists, who did not want to help the Federation and are willing to go to great lengths to stop them.


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