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G.I. Joe #15
22 pages | 36.7 мb.

Tags: G.I. Joe Baroness Cobra Commander COBRA Viper Siren
The Secret History of Cobra Commander! Baroness leads newest recruit cobra mysterious siren on a journey through the history of the earliest days of COBRA ... but what is the secret of the sirens?
Commando #4695 - 4702
8 issues pages | 209.9 мb.

Tags: Commando Danny Cooper
Batgirl Annual #2
40 pages | 71.3 мb.

Tags: Batgirl Annual DC comics 2014 Batgirl comics
This is the first meeting between the characters Batgirl and Catwoman in the journal New 52! In addition, Talon, that Barbara faced during night owl back for revenge!
B.A.R. Maid #05
23 pages | 43.5 мb.

Tags: B.A.R. Maid Cassidy O'Hara Patrick Shand
Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor has shown to be only the first attack in a much larger plan. Cassidy is broken remnants of the rebels against his forces, but they can stand up to the threat that is able to conquer time itself?
Collection Marvel (30.04.2014, week 17)
14 issues pages | 734.1 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 30.04.2014 week 17
Collection Marvel Comics for 30.04.2014 (17 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Hulk #02 2. New Avengers #17 3. Avengers World #05 4. Silver Surfer #02 5. Origin II #05 6. Avengers A.I. #12 7. What If Age Of Ultron #05 8. Uncanny Avengers Annual #01 9. Amazing Spider-Man #01 10. X-Force #04 11. Wolverine Vol.6 #05 12. All-New X-Men #26
Collection DC - The New 52 (30.04.2014, week 17)
Collection DC Comics for 30.04.2014 (17 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Batman '66 #33 2. Batman Eternal #4 3. Batwoman Annual #1 4. Flash Annual #3 5. Forever Evil Aftermath Batman Vs Bane #1 6. Green Lantern New Guardians Annual #2 7. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #12
Judge Dredd – Mega-City Two #4
fictional hero comics British science fiction anthology 2000 AD. Dredd - American law enforcement officer in the city of the future Mega City, where the judge, dressed in uniforms, combine the powers of police, judge and executioner. Dredd and his colleagues are empowered to ensure that arrest, sentence and even execute criminals on the spot. The
Battlestar Galactica Six #1
Twelve colonies planets are millennial war against the robotic Cylon race , seeking to destroy humanity . Suddenly, through the mediation of the Cylons Count Baltar truce offer . Only Commander star cruiser "Galaxy" Adam suspects that the Cylons have prepared a trap. So it is actually . Colonial fleet with the president dies , the planet's
Hulk #02
23 pages | 46.3 мb.

Tags: Hulk Abomination Maria Hill Phil Coulson
ALL-NEW DIRECTION! EPIC "FLAG D.O.A." STARTS NOW! After the shocking events of last month indestructible HULK finals, Bruce Banner is dying! If he survives, he will not like Bruce Banner we know! As Hulk abuser will retaliate Banner? How can he?

Hulk #02 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Haunted #01
25 pages | 38.5 мb.

Tags: Haunted Scott Chitwood Danny Luckert
When the barrier between our world and the spiritual realm is broken, the earth is becoming ghosts. Now the only survivor can be kept under control to close the barrier, but first she has to run the gauntlet of ghosts in the most haunted in the world. Posted in Free Comic Book Day 2014.
New Avengers #17
Should New Avengers destroy the perfect world so that Earth can live?
Lunita #02
33 pages | 54.6 мb.

Tags: Lunita Agent Summer Xavier Morell
D.E.A. Agent Summers and her partner hunt a mysterious foggy Lunita organization that sells the drug with the supernatural throughout Europe. They have to hide in the depths of the forest. Virgin forests, many fairy tales, legends and mythical creatures that can be real!
Avengers World #05
Lives depend on three Avengers collector violations UNBREACHABLE. What's true fate in the collector?
Loki - Ragnarok and Roll #03
What happens when Loki is the god of the Norse god of rock? Sex, fame, power! Loki becomes the world's biggest rock star and gets a legion of loyal fans! This is a new experience for Loki. He loves it. The other gods? They do not like it as much as Loki will soon learn ... how original series from Eric M. Esquivel (freelancers) and Jerry Gaylord
Adventure Time 2014 Annual #1
Princess Bubblegum looks at the consequences of her science experiment gone wrong, she finally finds a way to save the day! But it's too late? Find out if Princess Bubblegum is capable of true all their grievances, or if her friends will never be himself again, this is a crazy conclusion of this arc!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland - Asylum #4
It was all leading to this. The current Mad Hatter led epic assault Violet Liddle ... but you never know Hatter know that Violet has a twisted trick up his sleeve. As the truth is revealed shelter, Violet Liddle face their ultimate fate in the hands of the Mad Hatter.
The Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye #28
CYBERTRON FALLS! Monstrous NECROTITAN ruining the world-but if there's anyone left to save it? Meanwhile, in deep space, Ultra Magnus and the crew lost LIGHT struggle to understand what they find in the depths of the sea of scarlet!
Silver Surfer #02
23 pages | 58.2 мb.

Tags: Silver Surfer Dawn Greenwood Never Queen Zed
Who is NEVER Queen? Like all future Marvel universe connected to its very existence? And why is she trying to destroy the Silver Surfer! Is this issue important? Course. But you know what's just as important? Lunch. Because that girl Dawn Greenwood Land for lunch today can change the fate of all! Not kidding here. It is very important dinner.
Avengers A.I. #12
The stunning conclusion Avengers Empire! In the year 12, 000 CE, how to develop Avengers? It Avengers vs. Dimitri for the fate of the entire galaxy!
Artful Daggers #11
20 pages | 22.6 мb.

Tags: Artful Daggers Adam P. Knave Andrew Losq
Business as usual is transformed into a series of revelations that threatens to end once and for all cheaters.
Battlestar Galactica - Digital Exclusive Edition (Vol 2) #10
Tom Zarek was a political activist for more than 30 years. Before the fall of the Twelve Colonies it was a charismatic, eloquent and ideologically savvy political agitator, who was sent to prison for destroying a government building on Sagittarone. The culmination of his imprisonment was flying on "Star Queen" superluminal prison ship. At the time
Clockwork Angels #2
WHY WE LOVE IT: Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS is a testament to the band’s creative versatility—it has been successful as a concept album, novel, and international tour. Now, Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart and New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson are bringing the story of CLOCKWORK ANGELS to comics, where newcomer artist Nick
Origin II #05
22 pages | 38.5 мb.

Tags: Origin II Sabretooth Wolverine
Witness the beginning of the end! Like Assassin's something sinister plots can reclaim Logan humanity? Kieron Gillen (THOR) and Adam Kubert (AVX) to bring the story of Logan start to finish!
Rai #01
32 pages | 61.3 мb.

Tags: Rai Matt Kindt Warren Simons
VALIANT THE FIRST starts into force in May this year with a completely new vision of the future in RAI в„– 1 - a new monthly series of comics superstars Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain ! Year 4001 AD - Led by the artificial intelligence called "Father ", the island nation of Japan has extended from the Pacific Ocean and on the geostationary orbit


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