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Classic Popeye #19
Luck comes your way when you catch the new Classic Popeye comic! Yes, classy old-Skool comics that adults and children can both enjoy. Genius and action Wackness Bud Sagendorf in В«The BoxВ», В«kitty", "Tunnel" and hilarious comic Wimpy "Duck Dinner". Oh, and a special story, not Popeye "Sammy Errors big jump!
All-New Marvel Now! Previews #03
Get a sneak peak at an early February Marvel titles, including Wolverine # 1, Fantastic Four # 1, Ms. Marvel в„– 1, and more!
The Punisher #01
24 pages | 32.5 мb.

Tags: The Punisher Punisher Nathan Edmondson
For many years, Punisher led war on crime in New York City with an array of very large guns, but leading to the main source of drugs, weapons, and more made ​​him a lot of attractions to the west. NOW! Frank Castle in the City of Angels, want to give the devil his due. Things are not all they appear, though, with a well-trained military hit
Collection Marvel (05.02.2014, week 5)
16 comics pages | 642.6 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 05.02.2014 week 5
Collection Marvel Comics for 05.02.2014 (5 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #08 2. X-Men #10 3. Superior Carnage Annual #01 4. Black Widow #03 5. Ms. Marvel #01 6. Mighty Avengers #06 7. Avengers A.I. #09 8. Iron Man #21 9. Captain America #16.NOW 10. Marvel Knights - Spider-Man #05 11. Loki - Agent
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #35
After recent events, Dejah Thoris sheltered young orphan, but she may have gotten more than she bargained for when the child is smart to have their own agenda and shoots. Meanwhile, a killer with a score settlement aimed at the same young girl. Activities must find her before the killer is doing!
Judge Dredd - Mega City Two #02
On the hills of what was once California, Dredd went undercover biker Cursed Earth! His mission: to penetrate the smaller kids chest bloodthirsty cult motorcycle outlaw artists! But the rules and laws very different in the two Mega-City, where image is everything ...
Hell, Nebraska #05
16 pages | 16.4 мb.

Tags: Hell Nebraska Creator Owned Comics
The attempt on the life of a student leads Abaddon doubt his mission, as David begins to uncover his own destiny.
Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood #36
FINAL ISSUE! Seriously wounded, betrayed and captured, Jen faces her ultimate challenge ... But an unexpected ally brings new hope, and she discovers that - perhaps - can not be one last chance for something it has long been believed to be impossible: Redemption.
Damsels #12
32 pages | 51.6 мb.

Tags: Damsels Carabosse Heinrich Miss Ash Rapa
Her sister witches Queen squabble disgusting Carabosse quest for beauty sets her on the trail of the fairest maiden in the land. Meanwhile, deep beneath the ocean, ancient and heartless conceit Sea-Witch has her blind to the threat it welcomed in its midst. And in the lush green foothills of the nearby Rapa and noble group suffer the bitter taste
My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic #16
Literary madness continues Bookworm digs deeper into favorite books pony! As more stories come to life, our only chance to save the day pony have to write their own version of a fairy tale! Their cooperation can get on the same page? Read on!
Illegitimates #3
25 pages | 12.4 мb.

Tags: Illegitimates Kiken Saalinge Viktor Dannikor
In Illegitimates strike their first mission as a team! Dannikor plan revealed! Mom is in danger! And WHO is a mole in the organization OLYMPUS? Spy-fun in abundance, as it becomes dirty!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz #06
The fate of all spheres of government hangs in the balance as Dorothy of Oz Witch battle for control of the powerful scepter Viridian. Do not miss the exciting conclusion to the first series of Oz from Zenescope Entertainment!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Code Red #03
Ignoring her orders Red to face charges in the Dark Horde on her own. Nevertheless, the simple mission quickly turns into a fight for her life when the Red feels hopelessly outgunned. Red can survive when Horde rises again, or it will fall in their shadow? Find out in this game-changing issue!
Batman - Joker's Daughter #01
40 pages | 100.3 мb.

Tags: Batman - Joker's Daughter Batman Duela Dent
Now the daughter of the Joker? What horrors lurk in the minds of a deranged madman, and why there is more to it than meets the eye? More than just a crazy person who stumbled on the face of the Joker, is more than just a woman with a mission, the daughter of Joker sees himself as a woman on the path of greed, domination and rule over Gotham
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Ascension #01
What if God lived among us? Creature won. Now, with the all-powerful Guardians forces working in his veins, he descends to Earth to begin his new reign. Although his intention to rid the world of evil, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and he falls to Sela and Van Helsing, to put an end to it. But what will they do when they see that many of
The Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye #26
CYBERTRON FALLS! Monstrous NECROTITAN ruining the world-but if there's anyone left to save it? Meanwhile, in deep space, Ultra Magnus and the crew lost LIGHT struggle to understand what they find in the depths of the sea of scarlet!
Collection DC - The New 52 (05.02.2014, week 5)
15 issues pages | 763,1 мb.

Tags: Collection DC The New 52 Movement Stormwatch Forever Evil
Collection DC Comics for 05.02.2014 (5 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Action Comics #28 2. Batman Black And White #6 3. Batman - Joker's Daughter #1 4. Batwing #28 5. Detective Comics #28 6. Earth 2 #20 7. Forever Evil #5 8. Forever Evil Arkham War #5 9. Green Arrow #28 10. Green Lantern Red Lanterns #28 11. Looney Tunes #217 12.
Zombie Tramp Vol.2 #04
30 pages | 13.4 мb.

Tags: Zombie Tramp Dan Mendoza
Now, Jane and her mysterious new friend Morning reach the destination, it becomes even more unstable as a friend from the past comes to visit our Zombie Tramp. Double-crosses, revenge, and the Necronomicon all face imprisoned in filth Train of Terror!
John Carpenter's Asylum #04
Duran world explodes as he tries to come to terms with the events of the previous release. Moreover, it has already shaky partnership with Beckett takes the worst ... MATURE THEMES
The Spider #17
One of the greatest pulp characters of all time is now re-launched into the 21st century! The world knows Richard Wentworth as a decorated war hero and the son of a wealthy industrialist - but only a few confidants know the truth. As New York City slides into violence and despair, Wentworth has transformed himself into a force of justice as The
Swamp Thing #28
Earth bleeds green! Millions umrut.Swamp Thing must break its very existence to the root. Seeder story ends here!
Robocop - Last Stand #7
24 pages | 53.4 мb.

Tags: Robocop - Last Stand Marie RoboCop
RoboCop and Marie were created. Fight with every ounce of strength and wit they can muster, Marie and Robocop must face an army of android Otomos coming at them from all sides. With no chance of survival, they can only hope that their death will mean the end of the OCP.
Robocop - Hominem Ex Machina #1
RoboCop and Marie were created. Fight with every ounce of strength and wit they can muster, Marie and Robocop must face an army of android Otomos coming at them from all sides. With no chance of survival, they can only hope that their death will mean the end of the OCP.


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