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Letter 44 #13
President Blades reveals the truth about the project monolith in the world, hoping to complete a global war before it starts. In space, a large part of the crew Clark was captured by unknown silami.Otchayanno gambit an attempt to get them, and we get our first look at the newcomers.
Wasteland #59
26 pages | 33.7 мb.

Tags: Wasteland Antony Johnston
Rocks fall. Everything dies. ... Well, maybe not all.
Orphan Blade #02
42 pages | 66.9 мb.

Tags: Orphan Blade Dr. Africa Hadashi
Now the thief, Hadashi uses his ingenuity to help the doctor Africa, veteran Kaiju wars that are willing to pay handsomely for the animals living in Mora. Hadashi face his worst fears to come into disrepair, but when he does, he will find something worse than monsters.
Terrible Lizard #02
25 pages | 42.2 мb.

Tags: Terrible Lizard Jessica Wrex Cullen Bunn
"Time offset" has never meant much Jess. It was just something that her father, a famous scientist, tinkered with. This, of course, was before she met Rex, a massive time shifts T-Rex with the location of the puppy. Now Jess and her new boyfriend are up to their ears in a frantic mutants! To make matters worse, Rex can be in the center of the
The Bunker #08
27 pages | 63.3 мb.

Tags: The Bunker Billy Ryder Joshua Hale Fialkov
When Billy finds a second impending attack, he begins to explore the artist thought behind them. What he does not know that this is his best friends.
Stumptown #04
26 pages | 31.6 мb.

Tags: Stumptown C.K. Banes Dex Parios
When the term Dex is a tension between her and Gray, it must balance the need for Ansel so her case. Meanwhile, the puzzle start to come together CK, as it gets closer, who attacked the Mercury!
Orphan Blade #01
44 pages | 75.5 мb.

Tags: Orphan Blade Hadashi M. Nicholas Almand
Hadashi is a boy with a simple dream, but his life changes when a terrible accident cripples hand. Unable to hold a sword, he drove him home dojo. But Sirota blade is no ordinary sword. When Hadashi comes across an abandoned blade, he discovers that he is not only able to possess them - a sword, it seems that owns it! He was not the only one
Ciudad #05
32 pages | 42.3 мb.

Tags: Ciudad Mora Tyler Rake
With Edu dead, Tyler and chances to escape Adventures of Ciudad improved, but not by much. Now, the whole force of the impact Mora comes to bear, every criminal, dirty cop, and opportunist would-be bandit yearns krovi.Final, violent showdown at the border on the horizon.
Stumptown #03
27 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: Stumptown Oni Press
Princess Ugg Vol.1 (TPB)
120 pages | 198.2 мb.

Tags: Princess Ugg Julifer Princess Гњlga
A new series of Courtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh! Princess Гњlga not your standard princess, but her royal lineage goes back for generations. In the will of his mother, Гњlga rides in the city-state Atraeska, where the prestigious Princess Academy is so that she can learn how to diplomacy, I hope, for the benefit of its troubles people. But
Ciudad #04
45 pages | 57.9 мb.

Tags: Ciudad Oni Press
The Sixth Gun Vol.5 - Winter Wolves
At Drake Sinclair and Becky Montcrief hold five of the six guns kit that can rewrite the whole of creation. This makes them targets for the living and the dead ... for human and inhuman. As otherworldly spirits align against them, Drake and Becky are trapped in frozen trading post in winter supernatural. If the cold does not kill them, disgusting
Ciudad #03
44 pages | 60.3 мb.

Tags: Ciudad Eva Roche Tyler Rake
The Sixth Gun Vol.6 - Ghost Dance
Our world was not always so. And our world may be different still. Becky Montcrief indulges in the Ghost Dance, to attest that scary reality-shaping power of the six guns created ... and that they may still bring. But she pursues a gang of fierce Skinwalkers, and to survive these supernatural hunters, she must fight side by side with the most
The Sixth Gun - Sons of the Gun
Bloodthirsty Bill Sumter Dirty Ben Kinney, Will Arcene, Silas 'Bitter Ridge' Hedgepeth. From the very first issue of the Sixth Gun, readers demanded more information about the riders of General Hume. What happened to these thugs and killers after their owner died? Some seek wealth. Some seek salvation. Some tend to forget the horrors they worked.
The Life After #05
25 pages | 44 мb.

Tags: The Life After Joshua Hale Fialkov
In the infinite city built on an infinite sadness, there is one person who is able to escape. It will go through heaven and hell to save us all. In a literal sense. Fantastic coming of age journey through the afterlife and beyond by Joshua Hale Fialkov (bunker, the Ultimates) and breakout artist Gabo, with covers by nick Pitarra (The Manhattan

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