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Kaijumax #04
29 pages | 39.4 мb.

Tags: Kaijumax Zander Cannon
Electrogor attacked in Falls stalls vicious new prisoner, and Dr. Zhang, compassionate prison doctor, struggling to balance his shocking departure from a drug overdose. And also: Memories! Incorrect anger! Seduction! And ... come to the time of Satan?
The Sixth Gun - Valley of Death #02
Trapped in Death Valley, and White Wolf hunting party to find allies in the mystical warrior Screaming Crow and his unlikely companion Kalfu, Keeper of the crossroads. Together they pushed deep into the valley on a path that will bring them face to face with their nightmares and take them to the threshold of the broken Crossroads ... and beyond.
The Bunker #12
27 pages | 49 мb.

Tags: The Bunker Billy Ryder Grady Potts
Billy suggests his little world behind the four walls of Grady and actions that put him there. How long can the friendship? It should be a real punishment for crimes Billy his future I will do?
The Auteur - Sister Bambi #02
Deep in the South Pacific is an island inhabited by bloodthirsty savages secret and terrible wilderness. It is ideal for Nathan T. Rex shoot SISTER Bambi! The script is not completely closed, so the gang sets out to find the legendary script doctor, authority development knows no bounds! To find it, all they have to do is pass a giant gorilla to
Hellbreak #04
Lost in one of the countless fragments of hell Hell, Jenner and the rest of Orpheus Team separated and surrounded by strange features. But the demons are not the only creatures to be found in hell. As it seeks to reunite with his teammates, Jenner meets a group of resistance fighters, who offered him a terrible warning Corporation Kerberos. As the
Wasteland Vol.7 - Under the God
Michael Abi and continue the way to the West, through the wasteland - with a killer Herr secretly in their direction! But after a visit to the mysterious midnight in the desert, they go to the city Godsholm - but the citizens to help them in their quest for A-Ree-Yass-I, or bring it to a halt?
Wasteland Vol.6 - The Enemy Within
The hit sci-fi western epic continues! After the Sand-Eater attack, the city of Newbegin is in turmoil as the Sunner rebellion gathers strength and Marcus seems to lose interest in the council. Follow the next six months through the eyes of Jakob, Skot, Yan, Dexus, and Golden Voice, with a chapter dedicated to each point of view in this latest
Wasteland Vol.5 - Tales of the Uninvited
The hit sci-fi western epic continues with a very special collection, featuring all the previously uncollected one-shot issues from the series so far into one trade paperback! Features guest art from Ignatz award winner Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Eisner Award-winner Chuck BB (Black Metal), Eisner Award-nominee Joe Infurnari (Borrowed Time), and
Wasteland Vol.4 - Dog Tribe
104 pages | 43.2 мb.

Tags: Wasteland Vol.4 - Dog Tribe Abi Michael Wasteland
The sci-fi western epic continues! Michael and Abi have resumed their search for A-Ree-Yass-I, leaving the city's troubles behind them. But before they can cross the wasteland they must face the Dog Tribes - bands of nomads who live and die with hounds by their side. As two tribes go to war, Michael and Abi are caught in the middle! But help can
Wasteland Vol.3 - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
One hundred years after the world catastrophe, a change known as "Big Wet", Newbegin city faces its most dangerous challenge yet - Sand-Eaters army bent on destruction! Jacob joins the clock to protect the city, and the intrigue flight advice on how politics, religion, and explosives to combine participation, action-packed reading.
Wasteland Vol.2 - Shades of God
151 pages | 63.5 мb.

Tags: Wasteland Vol.2 - Shades of God Abi Jakob Wasteland
The second collection of sensation Anthony Johnston and Christopher Mitten's sci-fi epic western arrives! One hundred years after the event to change the world, known as "Big Wet" world has changed place. The refugees, political struggle, religious persecution and the brutal attacks of the savage tribes all part of why comics Savant called
Wasteland Vol.1 - Cities in Dust
A hundred years after the Big Wet, Earth is broken, barren and sterile world where a few survivors struggle for survival. When Michael, scavenger bearing strange gifts, calls to the slums of the city of Providence, the consequences are devastating. Now citizens must cross a deadly wasteland to Newbegin, a nearby town, where the past meets the new
Stumptown #06
26 pages | 37.9 мb.

Tags: Stumptown Dex Parios Greg Rucka
"It's in the Cup of Joe," part pervaya.Pervaya batch of rare, one-of-a-kind coffee lands in Portland and Dex was hired to see it arrives safely. What she did not count on the people who would literally kill for this unique beverage. Seriously. This Portland.
Letter 44 #17
Blades President understands that he runs out of time to win a third world war, and make a decision that will change the course of history forever. In space, the astronauts come Clarke Builders - alien visitors in our solar system - with a desperate plea to save the Earth from the world ending catastrophe.
Kaijumax #03
29 pages | 40.1 мb.

Tags: Kaijumax Zander Cannon
MechaZon, leader of the Nation of Might gang fights with his pacifist position, when the monster was created to destroy appears in jail. And also: a raid on a laboratory sulfur! Conspiracy! Decapitation! Vomit! And ... adorable hallucinations?
Rick and Morty #03
Stars hit the [Adult Swim] continue to show his first comic epic adventures in the second part of "The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Wall Street"! Trapped in the winding maze of their own design Rica, Morty desperately seeking escape, Rick desperately seeking his cache of booze. Meanwhile, the rest of the family is trying to figure out what to do with the
Wasteland Vol.10 - Last Exit for the Lost
As the hit sci-fi western epic comes to an end, it is the penultimate volume collects all the previously uncollected questions one shot of the series in a trade paperback! With guest artists from the legendary artist Sam Keith (Sandman) and Eisner Award nominee Brett Weldele (Surrogates), plus exciting newcomers Sandy Jarrell Oliver and Omar! Get
Wasteland Vol.9 - A Thousand Lies
150 pages | 211.9 мb.

Tags: Wasteland - A Thousand Lies Marcus Antony Johnston
The beginning of the end! Marcus has long dreamed that "everything ends in the fire", but even he did not expect this! As the city prepares to face his mysterious father, the intrigue of his closest advisers plots to kill Marcus ... but the Lord has a few secrets of the Founder of his own, and their discovery would bring the city to its knees!
Wasteland Vol.8 - Lost in the Ozone
134 pages | 166.9 мb.

Tags: Wasteland - Lost in the Ozone Abi Michael
Michael and Abi to reach a crossroads in their journey through the wilderness - especially when they meet Thomas, a strange man who seems to be too familiar! As the gap between them grows and their paths diverge, Abi is a living legend, which is becoming a nightmare, and Michael reveals that more than a wasteland than death and dust ...
The Sixth Gun - Valley of Death #01
This is the sixth time the gun. However, darkness and corruption that preceded the arrival of the six at the time. Crossroads narushaetsya.Dver the spirit world open. And that slipped threatens all creation. It is up to the reclusive witch Buzzard wife to gather the tribes and form a hunt. With the help of the legendary White Wolf, she will lead
The Bunker #11
27 pages | 47.9 мb.

Tags: The Bunker Billy Ryder Grady Potts
Three months later. Grady began his political campaign, and Billy was in prison for a crime he did not commit. But again, all at the mercy of their own in the future. Back to the series New York Times entitled "capture"!
The Sixth Gun Vol.7 - Not the Bullet, But the Fall
Dogs of war gnaw their leashes! The forces of darkness poisoned Becky Montcrief, since she first laid her hand on Sixth Gun. Now, Becky and her allies are taking the fight his enemies. Their goal is to destroy the damn gun once and for all! But the Grey Witch has plans for her own, and she puts shockingly brutal counterattack! The unexpected
Brides of Helheim #06
23 pages | 39.4 мb.

Tags: Brides of Helheim Kadlin Raevil Rikard
The final chapter unfolds Helheim brides! Rickard, Sigrid Kadlin and stand together against the demonic forces Raevil, mad sorcerer. What's black belly, and what are your plans in Raevil hatching to ensure their dominance over it? Shocking ending of the story of the Vikings era of terror will leave you breathless!
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