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Infinity - Heist #03
The crime of the century just got a little harder! Blizzard, the new ... uh ... Events put the whole team in danger - while true identity Titanium man is of this world! Frank Thierry and Al Barrionuevo bring twists to infinity Heist!
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #01
The next step in the evolution of Iron Man here in an entirely new weekly endless adventure! Spinning directly from the events of Iron Man Kieron Gillen, in Tony Stark must deal with the new and dangerous threats here on earth and beyond!
All New X-Men #19
X-Men shocked to the core at the Battle of the Atom. So much that we can not show you the cover of the all-new X-Men # 19! Kitty Pryde particularly impressed crossover event X-Men. With her ​​students have gone that Kitty do?
New Avengers #12
28 pages | 27.3 мb.

Tags: New Avengers Black Panther Shuri Thanos
INFINITY tie-in - "WE ARE THE WORLD" House of Black Bolt crumbles. New friends, new enemies.
Deadpool Annual #1
In the final chapter of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Hey, you know how Deadpool is always so funny? Let's see if he can keep that afterwards
Collection Marvel (27.11.2013, week 48)
23 issues pages | 879.9 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 27.11.2013 week 48
Collection Marvel Comics for 27.11.2013 (48 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Indestructible Hulk #16 2. Savage Wolverine #12 3. Wolverine and the X-Men #38 4. Uncanny Avengers #14 5. Superior Spider-Man #22 6. Superior Carnage #05 7. Scarlet Spider #24 8. Nova #10 9. Infinity - The Hunt #04 10. FF #14 11. Hawkeye #14 12. Infinity
Indestructible Hulk #16
"THE HUMANITY BOMB" PRELUDE! Earth Scientists watch Bruce Banner to solve the problem of the Hulk can not break! Which Banner assistants make it out alive - and the same?
Savage Wolverine #12
All new arc on superstar Phil Jimenez! (NEW X-MEN, New Spider-Man, Wonder Woman) At the annual safari in the African desert, Wolverine encounters a killer who takes him halfway around the world. Wolverine returns to Madripur to deal with some family business.
Wolverine and the X-Men #38
BATTLE FOR ATOM may be over, but its effects much! Wolverine takes on a new enemy-SHIELD?!
Uncanny Avengers #14
How Avengers must die to stop Apocalypse Twins?! Wolverine can not humanity. Deyken has his revenge. Wanda recognized his true love. Grim Reaper has his revenge. Painful and desperate story of betrayal, love, revenge and sacrifice.
Superior Spider-Man #22
The first issue in the darkest times - Spider-Event of the year! Flash Thompson, Secret Avenger known as Venom, is back in town for his first clash with the Supreme Spider-Man! Will their first meeting friends or blinks to sense something dangerous about the presence of Peter Parker?
Superior Carnage #05
Superior Showdown! Improved Spiderman Vs Carnage-Enhanced master but there is another trick in his mind control hat? Carnage has become unleashed for good? The most vile and evil miniseries of the year comes to an epic imprisonment!
Scarlet Spider #24
The stunning effects of the grave came! His encounter with Kraven Hunter Spider Alyy forced to make some huge sacrifices. Now Cain has to make a choice ... one that can see him leaving his new life forever. Chris Yost, Eric Burnham and Carlo Barbera bring you a decisive moment in the life of The Scarlet Spider!
Nova #10
100th anniversary special room! Big changes for Sam Alexander in the supersonic supersized 100th issue! Guest despite new New Warriors! And as if that was not enough, new, you also get a bonus story from the new regular writer Gerry Duggan new!

Nova #10 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Infinity - The Hunt #04
INFINITY tie-in! Super teen student from Marvel Universe to take on the forces Thanos'! Seeds of future events Marvel planted here!
Infinity #06
All roads lead to this! Conclusion oversized Marvel annual events! Heroes of Earth in comparison with the forces of Thanos!
Hawkeye #14
25 pages | 22.7 мb.

Tags: Hawkeye Finch Kate Bishop Lucky Marcus
WHAT has happened to Kate in the annual full-up to! This one has it all! Characters! Earth! History! Dialogue! Style! Value! Post! Worth a look! A little exposure! Fire! Arrows! Criminals! Neighbors! Large masses of water! Clients! Cops who do not care! A system that sacrifices some of the victims! Dog! In the broken city where cynicism and apathy
FF #14
It's the eve of the war of the future of the Fund and FF Latveriyu preparing for a fight ! But Doom Immortal Conqueror - and Council condemns ! What is going on in my head Old John Storms ? I mean that with this guy , anyway? In a universe doomed ! Imagine a place where only five things that survivors are Fantastic Four ... and Doctor Doom ! How

FF #14 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics X-Men #01
Mutants have just survived the war together nearly destroyed both sides! As Halaktusom threatens to eat the world, the secret weapon is put in place to stop it. But will it be the thing that finally wipes all mutant kind of existence?
Avengers Arena #18
Burning series finale! Uma Arcade plan comes to pass! Who lives? Who dies? Shock follows shock as the game reaches its last desperate seconds! Avengers ARENA ends here ... but it is also a starting point for what will happen next!
Avengers Assemble #21
Remember all that crazy science from previous releases? Here's where it gets positively inhuman! When Spider-Girl in trouble ... Who was she to go? Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman as a mentor ... Who thought it was a good idea?
Wolverine and the X-Men Annual #01
INFINITY tie! Avengers find an unexpected ally against the forces builders-KID GLADIATOR! What Prince Shi'ar Empire had to since he left the Jean Grey School?
Uncanny X-Force #14
Revenant WAR kicks into high gear as strange X-Force must battle their most cruel enemies yet! The Truth About Potustoronnye Owl Queen revealed - and it is even more dangerous than any of our heroes were expecting! Meanwhile, the storm was maintaining his cards close to his chest - but he is finally playing out of this world!
Barbie Fashion #01-53 Complete
53 issues pages | 1300 мb.

Tags: Barbie Fashion Barbie Marvel
Barbie Fashion comics aimed at young girls, and provide fashion tips and advice for their readers. It's set in San Francisco, home of Barbie, Ken and Skipper. It also contains a section for fashion designs reader.

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