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Mutopia X #01-05 Complete
House of M tie-in. Lights, Camera, terrorists! Special investigator of human and mutant affairs Ismael Ortega, teams up with ordinary cop Lucas Bishop, to make sure that terrorists are not human resistance movement killed hundreds sabotage glamorous movie premiere!
Death3 #01-04 Complete
With Marvel UK line comes Death 3. "Prometheus Unhinged!" Part 1 of 4. Welcome to Los Angeles in 2021 AD. Former AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) members and the main developer of the project Minion (see Deaths Head II (1992/03-06) # 1-4), Dr. Evelyn Necker newly created absolute weapon rogue cyborg known as Death Metal. The only problem is the
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #8
Like all so wrong, and how it is the fault of the Supreme Spider-Man? Everyone in New York is going to die at the hands of new teammates Spider-Man, he's sinister six. With Great Arrogance must come great consequences.
The Superior Spider-Man #24
The first issue in the darkest times - Spider-Event of the year! Flash Thompson, Secret Avenger known as Venom, is back in town for his first clash with the Supreme Spider-Man! Will their first meeting friends or blinks to sense something dangerous about the presence of Peter Parker?
Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics X-Men #2
Mutants have just survived the war together nearly destroyed both sides! As Halaktusom threatens to eat the world, the secret weapon is put in place to stop it. But will it be the thing that finally wipes all mutant kind of existence?
Collection Marvel (18.12.2013, week 51)
22 issues pages | 936.2 мb.

Tags: Collection Marvel 18.12.2013 week 51
Collection Marvel Comics for 18.12.2013 (51 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. All-New Marvel Now! Previews #01 2. All-New X-Men #20 3. Avengers Assemble #22 4. Daredevil #34 5. Fantastic Four #15 6. FF #15 7. Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #04 8. Scarlet Spider #25 9. Thunderbolts Annual #01 10. Uncanny Avengers #15 11. X-Men #08
Secret Avengers #13
HOW maim Mockingbird, Part Two Secret Avengers filmed on AIM?! Taskmaster and Mockingbird go full stealth mode, as the entire island AIM seeks them. Secrets A.I.M. 's spilled. Wild card Forson disclosed. Member of the team down.
Deadpool #21
Deadpool vs. SHIELD, Part One! S.H.I.E.L.D. Deadpool threw on the bill! Now they're going to regret it!
Amazing Spider-Man #700.4
Continuing special celebration Original Spider-Man from the action man Joe Casey & Tim Green (AVENGERS Academy)! What is the Black Lodge? And as Spider-Man trapped in there, surrounded by his terrible enemies? Then Black Cat and Spider-Man team up to bust an international art theft ring in CAT and MOUSE Jen Van Meter (Captain Marvel) and Emma Rios
Amazing Spider-Man #700.5
Peter Parker and Johnny Storm apocalyptic future should stop fighting - the Fantastic Four? Brian Reed (Ms. Marvel) and Sean Chen (The Avengers)! Then, a small child is risking his life to save Spider-Man in the emotional What would Spider-Man do? Kevin Grievioux (New Warriors) and Lee Weeks (Amazing Spider-Man)!
Uncanny X-Force #15
GREAT CORRUPTION reaches a conclusion! One of the greatest enemies of the X-Men is rampaging through Los Angeles in the guise Revenant queen. One member of the victim Uncanny X-Force do to stop her and her army?
Indestructible Hulk #17.INH
Inhumanity tie-in! "Mankind BOMB" CHAPTER ONE! Mankind has put his faith in Bruce Banner, to save the Earth! Who runs against Banner spreads as a threat? At this time, the Hulk has nothing to break! Banner can beat?
Thor - God of Thunder #16
The penultimate chapter damned! Death comes in the mountains of Jotunheim ... ... and there is a traitor among the newly formed League of Torah Realms! Thor prepares to execute one of their comrades, Malekith final stages of its bloody raid ... in the world.
Young Avengers #14
Solution ( 1 of 2) We gather in a nightclub , and there is a line connected and overlapping stories starring our cast. This is completely unprecedented approach to history in comics history . There's no parallel. We refuse to accept it. The team joined the Young Avengers all start throwing some people we really wanted . Each separate section
X-Men #08
25 pages | 33.3 мb.

Part 2 MUERTAS Lady Death builds new empire and the X-Men will be her calling card! Without its technology, Karim struggling to remember who she is. And the introduction of ... Cheerful!
Uncanny Avengers #15
After numerous deaths last issue Avengers team unity is shattered and broken. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of the Torah, but the God of Thunder can defeat the combined might of two of the Apocalypse? At the same time, the Wasp is fighting for his life against the unprecedented power hour!
Thunderbolts Annual #01
Thunderbolts new mission? "KILL Doctor Strange. Of course, they need pretty special for this arsenal. "Thrilling Adventure Hour" creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker Tbolts take a whirlwind tour of Marvel Magicverse!
Scarlet Spider #25
LAST QUESTION devastating! It's over. Kane did his best to be a hero. He could not. What about Houston? Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world? Answers will surprise you. Two years and 25 issues led to THIS! Guest starring: Mexico!
Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #04
Worst threats ever have / will face Marvel Universe? In Hulkvengers? Kraven on Pheonix? WolfCap? Wolverine King vampires? Cosmic Carnage? Sounds like a job for Longshot, is not it?
FF #15
Invasion of Latveria: Games! Four stand replacement characters and a dozen children against Dr. Doom, now transformed into ultimate power in the universe: Doom annihilating the Conqueror! What is the run of the blocks! Game over, man! Game Over!

FF #15 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Fantastic Four #15
Doomed! Part 3: Elements of War Fantastic Four fight to stop the plague destroying their molecular powers and authorities. Standing between them and treatment: Deadly Force, Army their greatest enemies, led by one of the F4 who betrayed their own! Their only allies: other Fantastic Four! Meanwhile, Doctor Doom, Kang, and Annihilus come to meeting

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