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Collection DC - The New 52 (31.12.2013, week 53)
Collection DC Comics for 31.12.2013 (53 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. All-Star Western #26 2. Aquaman #26 3. Batman The Dark Knight #26 4. Batwoman #26 5. Beware the Batman #5 6. Catwoman #26 7. Damian Son Of Batman #3 8. Flash #26 9. Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. #3 10. Green Team Teen Trillionaires #7 11. He-Man And The Masters Of
Beware the Batman #5
23 pages | 13.4 мb.

Tags: Beware the Batman Batman Katana Professor Pyg
As Katana goes hand in hand with some of the thugs Professor PYG, in the race to Batman Gotham Arms Hotel, to save the boy and his family!
Superman Unchained #5
27 pages | 46.4 мb.

Tags: Superman Unchained Superman Unchained
When thirteen satellites falling from the sky in a single day, it is logical to suspect Lex Luthor, but he is still in jail! And there is another question: If Superman did not stop the last satellite from falling, then who did? Soon, this chic comics will be on the shelves and we will see a new creation by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee!
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #3
Holy overactive imagination! When Scarecrow attacks using his fear gas, the only people to suffer, leaving Batman, Robin and the Mystery Inc. gang trapped before the "monsters" of their own fantasies. Now, it is up to the Crusaders dog Scooby-Doo and the Bat-Hound Ace to save the day!
All-Star Western #26
25 pages | 47.6 мb.

Tags: Western All Star Western All Star
When Gotham was another one-horse town, there was no one to catch criminals. And things got worse when bounty hunter John Hex comes to town. Will Amadeus Arkham, founder of criminal psychology, enlist the help of Hex to help the Gotham Police Department track down a serial killer?
Batwoman #26
22 pages | 33.6 мb.

Tags: Batwoman Batwoman comics new Batwoman
The fight against crime Betvumen Cult started from story arc Elegy (Detective Comics # # 854-857), continues. At this time, Bruce Wayne is trying to find out information that has long been known to the readers - who this Betvumen and what motives are driven by her

Batwoman #26 (2014)

Publisher: DC
The Green Team - Teen Trillionaires #7
Today, Eisner Award-winning co-writers Art Baltazar and Franco (SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES; TINY TITANS) revealed some more details about next months launch of THE GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES, an all-new ongoing series that centers around a group of teenagers with unlimited financial resources.
Damian - Son of Batman #3
22 pages | 48.2 мb.

Tags: Damian - Son of Batman Damian Son of Batman
What if Damien was still alive? What if events occurred in a completely different way? What if during the crusade against crime died ... Batman? Which way would be entitled Damien after his father's death? On that he is ready to avenge his death and redeem guilt? And what problems will fall on the head of the heir to cloak the Dark Knight? Welcome
The Flash #26
20 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: The Flash new Flash Flash The Flash comics
Flash has the ability to develop a supersonic speed and use superhuman reflexes, which violates several laws of physics. So far, there are four characters who have the ability to super speeds and performed under the name Flash: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen-2007, 2009-present). Before you put on a suit, Flash, Bart Allen and
Larfleeze #6
Jedi Cole, disgraced Green Lantern, stripped of his ring. It comes with the sport hunting interest in the TV show! Details in this release. Also in this issue: Larfliz steal your attention in his first solo ongoinge! What happens when Larfliza, a great collector, stolen ... EVERYTHING!

Larfleeze #6 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Catwoman #26
20 pages | 42.9 мb.

Tags: Catwoman Catwoman comics new Catwoman
She loves the night. She likes shiny trinkets. She seduces Batman. Most of all, Catwoman beckons danger. And she can not help it ...

Catwoman #26 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Justice League Dark #26
Mad sorceress named Enchantress releases forces that can not cope even ordinary heroes of the Justice League. Therefore, John Constantine, Deadman, Shade and Madame Xanadu create a band Dark Justice League. This command mystical heroes will battle with evil, at the mere mention of which any person proshibet cold sweat.
Red Lanterns #26
Atrotsitus and his body Red Light again in the ranks. They are fighting against injustice most bloody and different ways that you could only imagine!
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #9
First exciting issue of the new, ongoing adventures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!While the Masters of the Universe mourn the loss of a fallen friend, Hordak infiltrates Eternia!Featuring the return of She-Ra! Now known as Despara, the most lethal weapon in Hordak?? army, she returns to Eternia as He-Man?? newest enemy
Forever Evil – A.R.G.U.S. #3
Steve Trevor was a close with the League when he appeared Syndicate and Zatanna sent to save. Veller just their director. In general, all agents are disclosed, and many organizations have already been killed. He had a relationship with Diana? Steve tries to rescue the president, but faces Defstroukom.
Aquaman #26
A stranger to the people of his kingdom, Arthur Curry decides to throw his life on the land where he grew up. However, among the human race he will have to face not only with the wicked, and with prejudice. Let it be the sea is so simple?

Aquaman #26 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Talon #14
The new series is unstoppable killing machine Sauvignon Court! Meet Kelvin Rose - only managed to escape from the owl's Court. This former assassin just wants to live a normal life ... but this is impossible as long as it hunt its former owners!

Talon #14 (2014)

Publisher: DC
Batman - The Dark Knight #26
22 pages | 31.3 мb.

Tags: Batman The Dark Knight Batman - The Dark Knight
After the return of the Dark Knight's new era of Batman, and he proceeded to carry out the assigned mission, traveling the world, while his hometown to replace former partner, Dick Grayson. But in Gotham lost one person who means a lot to Bruce Wayne, and for this reason he decided himself to understand the mysterious disappearance of a former
The Vampire Diaries #05
"Home for the Holidays" Part 1 of 2! When Stefan makes clandestine Christmas visit to Mystic Falls, his fights against unexpected group of vampires to distract him from the Winter Party City and adolescents emissions in the forest.
Smallville - Alien #06
Batman was ready to attack Bane, but he is not ready to face the personality of a young man who was killed in dressed as a super hero. When Lois and Chloe join the team, things get even weirder. And Lex's decision leads to an unprecedented event for Superman!
Scribblenauts Unmasked - A Crisis of Imagination #3
Scribblenauts gang travels to Metropolis, where they find a crowd protesting against Superman headed - Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen? Man of Steel has no idea why his best friends turned against him ... so it's up to Maxwell and Lily to solve the puzzle!
Justice League Beyond 2.0 #10
With all the cars in the world suddenly rebels against humanity, Justice League spans the globe to uncover who or what is behind this technological terror!
Adventures of Superman #36
As destroyer threatens to destroy everything that stands for Superman, Kal-El should come up with a plan to "kill" his new alter ego. "Destroyer" part 3 of 3.
Lobo (Volume 1) 1-4 series
4 issues pages | 39.7 мb.

Tags: Lobo Lobo comics dc comics Lobo
The popular anti-hero Lobo biker assassin. American barmoley, only a hundred times worse. With a built in his head radio chip, he always hears the sounds of heavy metal. Most of his time this guy spends in the bar, swallowing whiskey like water. He was born on some planet-utopia called Zarni, and from the first days of his life began to manifest

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