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The Occultist #1
28 pages | 58.7 мb.

Tags: The Occultist The Occultist comics Occultist
The evil witch needs a doctor spell book known as the Sword reject occultist. He needs a weapon to solve that he is a bad boss in the ongoing war against the kingdom of the dead. The solution lies in a Catholic schoolgirl who dabbles in death for a quick high. Art of Mike Norton (Battlepug, answer!, The Renaissance). Author: Hack / Slash creator
Grindhouse - Doors Open at Midnight #1
References: overrated. Moral: Consumables . Today is the right one for some over-the- top sex and violence ! Bringing a taste of midnight movie exploitation comics, Grindhouse delivers four to two questions Gore operas , beginning with "B Vixens from Mars ," pitting one-eyed southern lusty Latina deputy against alien chicks committed lay their
Catalyst Comix #4
25 pages | 69.1 мb.

Tags: Catalyst Comix Catalyst
Dark Horse wants you to party hard! That's why you're invited to the galactic date with Amazing Grace! For dance club with the agents of change! And superactivist world tour with Frank "Titan" Wells! Once again, Catalyst provides all those other super comics can not cope! Masterminded by Joe Casey (sex, G??dland)! Wraparound cover Rafael Grandpa
Star Wars - Infinities - Return of the Jedi (1-4 series) Complete
The third and final volume of the Infinity series from Dark Horse. In this volume, they focus on the events in Return of the Jedi, and what would happen if C-3P0 was not in a position to act as an interpreter Jabba ...
Mind MGMT #15
28 pages | 67.9 мb.

Tags: Mind MGMT Mind MGMT
What happened to Henry Lyme between the first and second stories MIND MGMT website? Why is now the lone former team gathers around him? Who wants to destroy it? All is revealed in this issue! Matt Kindt (LSA, 3-storey) takes readers down the rabbit hole! Select the options for the big screen by Ridley Scott! Stand-alone story! Excellent starting
Empowered Special #4 - Nine Beers with Ninjette
33 pages | 57.9 мb.

Tags: Nine Beers with Ninjette Empowered Special
TERRORPIN! POWERPACHYDERM! Brass Monkey! Cyberian Tiger! SuperCobra! Like BUNNY! Maybe fighting superheroine Power disrupt massive car theft these animals armored crimebots 21 th Annual Alternative Superhero Auto Show Timeline? Can extremely flimsy "supersuit" overcome the enemy fourteen tons of heavy metal? This futuristic new single Power says
Captain Midnight #3
29 pages | 55.2 мb.

Tags: Captain Midnight Captain Midnight
Perhaps he was unbeatable in the 40 's, but Captain Midnight met a worthy opponent in the modern era ? When a Recon mission goes horribly wrong , Captain Midnight is against the old enemy , dozens of violent ghosts and. . . bloodthirsty polar bears ? This is a man who always has a plan , but it 's going to take Shybko ingenuity to get out of this
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