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Great Pacific #13
31 pages | 46.9 мb.

Tags: Great Pacific Chas Worthington Joe Harris
"UNIVERSAL MINISTRY INTERGALACTIA" When a mysterious visitor washes warning UFO invaders from space Hour Worthington finds his grip over New Texas threat. But if foreigners come, Chas knows only earthlings leader should submit it-yourself!
EGOs #02
32 pages | 56 мb.

Tags: EGOs Deuce Pixel
Hero-saga continues far into the future as Deuce, leader of the ego, "flies into battle with his army [censored] with. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Pixel have to deal with an army of new applicants team. Due: Costumes! Battles! Massa Living Galaxy ! blood and blood! Uncomfortable emotions!

EGOs #02 (2014)

Publisher: Other
Rogues! #03
24 pages | 36.4 мb.

Exciting opening of our new story arc with amazing art Diego Galindo! Something new happened in Gerada, city Thousands of thieves - is the new Chief Magistrate, and he incorruptible! One after another, the robbers and swindlers of Gerada imprisoned or killed. Only Bram Laska still on the loose!
Fatale #20
33 pages | 52.7 мb.

Tags: Fatale Josephine Nicolas Lash
New History of the ARC! Nicolas Lash is in the deepest trouble possible, and there is only one person who can save him now ... The problem is, the problem is that her business. And do not forget all the extras back page, you can find only in the single issues Fatale every month!
The Walking Dead #121
32 pages | 45.1 мb.

Tags: The Walking Dead Carl Grimes Negan Rick Grimes
"ALL OUT WAR," Part Seven In the aftermath of the unthinkable.
Think Tank #12
33 pages | 46.1 мb.

Tags: Think Tank David Loren
"OUTBREAK" Conclusion What will the war take from Dr. David Lauren?
The Mercenary Sea #01
34 pages | 26.3 мb.

Tags: The Mercenary Sea Jack Harper Kel Symons
"Nice work if you can get it" Action and adventure set in 1938 South Seas. Japan invaded China. The war in Europe is not far off. Ex-bootlegger Jack Harper, the company officials, refitted German U-Boat, with a crew of expats, mercenaries and treasure hunters. They do everything they can to stay afloat, often works against the pirates, bounty
The Fuse #01
32 pages | 37.3 мb.

Tags: The Fuse Antony Johnston Ed Brisson
"RUSSIA SHIFT," Part One Job killing 22,000 miles at an orbital platform of energy, five miles long whip steel town, stuffed with a half million people, with no help from your so-called colleagues in the world, is more stringent ... Kill it! Cynical, foul-mouthed veteran Anthony Johnston (Grim, Wasteland, Daredevil) is partnering with the new face
Manifest Destiny #04
Surrounded buffalotaur and the struggle for survival that Lewis and Clark need most killer monster. And her name is Sacagawea.
The Civil Four #01
Lincoln LIVE! Only to find in the ruins of Washington DC! U.S. Grant goes to the bar! Johnny Appleseed discovers a special ability! Harriet Tubman battle Black Magic! Lincoln faces the gallows traitor! Also meet the diabolical mastermind of the resurrection of the South Dandy. FOUR CIVIL ASSEMBLE ... if they can live long enough.
2000AD 1868
Introducing the Mekanic - Tubal Cain brings some muscle to carry on this week in 2000 AD as a return to ABC Warriors! Also in this issue: Judge Dredd, Grey Area, Ulysses Sweet and Strontium Dog!
Boom! #01
43 pages | 31 мb.

Tags: Boom Jee Chang K.H. Lee self published
Korean indie hit, finally available in English! Ji Chang takes amazing visual effects and turns on the drive up to 10 real-life! One man, one beautiful girl, and one bad choice.

Boom! #01 (2014)

Publisher: Other
The Walking Dead (1-120 series + special)
Comic " The Walking Dead " shows the world after a zombie apocalypse , a chain of events that led to the " fall" of the world, to be told , but the memories of the survivors can indirectly judge that the crisis developed at least a few weeks. The exact cause of turning people into zombies was not disclosed , is also unknown source of the epidemic.
World War Mob #01
25 pages | 41.1 мb.

Tags: World War Mob Benito Mussolini Nazis
World War II! Five people, all members of the different families of crime, all U.S. soldiers conduct a secret mission commissioned by the leaders of the New York Five Families: crimes against the Mafia, Mussolini had to be killed. They must overcome the bad blood, the Nazis, people loyal to Mussolini and go for Army brass to make it back to "La
Hell, Nebraska #05
16 pages | 16.4 мb.

Tags: Hell Nebraska Creator Owned Comics
The attempt on the life of a student leads Abaddon doubt his mission, as David begins to uncover his own destiny.
Lazarus #06
"LIFT", Part Two While Johanna continues to try to rehabilitate his image and prove their loyalty to the family, forever investigating rumors of Freemen Resistance in Los Angeles. In Montana, the Barrets make a fateful decision, and begin the long journey to Denver.
John Carpenter's Asylum #04
Duran world explodes as he tries to come to terms with the events of the previous release. Moreover, it has already shaky partnership with Beckett takes the worst ... MATURE THEMES
Sidekick #05
34 pages | 64.7 мb.

Tags: Sidekick Flyboy Julia Moonglow Red Cowl
Within a few weeks, the super-villain Julia Moonglow was eating the body and energy Barry 'Flyboy' Chase, keeping him from remembering this. Now she is ready to let him remember, and shows why she was stalking him and the fate of her dead twin sister. But this is only a warm-up for the big reveal, Barry learns for the first time that the Red Hood
Invincible Universe #10
Welcome to the wedding Knockout Kid and Tora! Even with all invited to Invincible Universe, there are bound to be some Party Crashers!
Drumhellar #04
33 pages | 44.7 мb.

Tags: Drumhellar Riley Rossmo
When the immortal celebrity talk radio detects a slight problem with the live-forever, he turns to Drum Hellar, psychedelic detective for help. But drum got its problems. He's in jail, in the doghouse with his girlfriend and in serious need of drugs! He will have to take desperate and deadly-action!
Artifacts #34
33 pages | 52.7 мb.

Tags: Artifacts Ian Nottingham Eugene Ward
TOP COW'S SECOND 2012 TALENT HUNT-WINNING TEAM! Ian Nottingham has blood Sword - so why did not he use it? He wants to know if he could pull off three major clans Tokyo yakuza overnight without demonic down three of the major Tokyo Yakuza clans in a single night without the demonic weapon.
Aphrodite IX #08
27 pages | 53.3 мb.

Tags: Aphrodite IX Aphrodite XV
Is Aphrodite XV a threat? Or an ally?

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