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Pretty Deadly #01
KELLY DECONNICK Master Plan (Collect Avenger, Captain Marvel), and EMMA Rios (Dr. Stranno, Osborn) vossoedin???»ts?? to bring you all new current series, kotoryj ??enits?? the vol??ebnyj realism Sandman with western Cruelty preacher. Daughter Deaths Edet veterkom with the horse made ??‹??‹out of smoke, and her face Neset skull signs her Father.
Satellite Sam #04
Small parts life of the late Carlyle whites begin to come into focus more of his son remains sober and sets voprosy.Set struggles to survive his war against the three giants of the era of radio and FCC. The truth comes out, the clothes come off, and Mike discovers how far down it can go.
Velvet #01
ED BRUBAKER and Steve Epting revised Captain America with the "Winter Soldier" saga ... and all that they have done so far has been leading up to VELVET! When the best secret agent in the world dies, velvet Templeton, Personal Assistant to the Director of the Agency is withdrawn her table and back to the field for the first time in nearly 20 years
Rat Queens #02
35 pages | 39 мb.

Tags: Rat Queens Betty Dee Hannah Violet 2013
GOLD, guts and grog ", Part Two Someone wants to kill the rat Queens? Girls see red and there is only one thing to do about it: to get very, very drunk. And in the end, maybe get to the bottom who are trying to kill them. Because, let's be honest, they already know why.
Great Pacific #11
"National Construction", Part Five Road to statehood was already tough for neo Hour nation Worthington, but, faced with a despotic regime outlawed Chukwu can be no movement of his worst. How to enable the people of New Texas man who founded their unlikely home, how to respond to an hour?
Clone #11
34 pages | 64.2 мb.

Tags: Clone Amelia Taylor Gamma Luke Taylor 2013
After the events of last issue, the life of Luke Taylor was highlighted in a striking new direction. Harassed by a new enemy, he can save himself, one clone at a time?

Clone #11 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Liberator #04
Liberator climax in a strong opposition, which leaves a major character dead with blood on the hands of another major character, wrapping up the debut of the arc, and the creation of conditions for higher rates in the story to come.
2000AD 1855
2000 AD Prog 1855 on Wednesday, October 23 continues with fresh new stories perfect for new readers - including working with Al Ewing (Mighty Avengers) INJ Culbard (New Deadwardians), Ian Edington (Hinterkind), Pat Mills (Marshal Law), and Michael Carroll (Jennifer blood). Worldwide, available day and date digital through an online store AD 2000
Pacific Rim - Tales From Year Zero
Do not miss this exciting sci-fi graphic novel prequel to the long-awaited film , Warner Bros & Legendary Pacific 's director Guillermo del Toro ! Chronicling the very first time the Earth threatens incredible monsters known as Kaiju, these inhuman beasts rise from the depths of the ocean and threaten to shut down all of humanity ! Witness the
Judge Dredd The Megazine #341
More action and adventure in the future Judge Dredd shocked the world! Future Lawyer tracks mutant human trafficking gang in the second episode Dredd comic sequel "underbelly". Elsewhere, the stakes are raised in the penultimate chapter, "Rise III", and Michael Fisher journey through New York City is just a stranger in the surreal super-hero saga
Sergio Aragon's Funnies #10
33 pages | 39.5 мb.

Tags: Sergio Aragons Funnies Bongo Sergio Aragons 2013
Sergio treats us to a fairy tale survivor directly from the decks of the Titanic. Then he recalls how he made his "second Peso 'as a budding professional cartoonist. Add to the mix the mazes and marginal comics and you'll be in for a fun-tastic time.
The Legend of Luther Strode #01-06 Complete
He's six issue mini-series sequel Justin Jordan and breakout hit TRADD Moore, a strange talent of Luther Strode, set five years after the events of the first book.
Hate #01-30 + Annuals Complete
The hatred was written and illustrated by Peter Bagge it was first published in 1990 and held for 30 issues released napokvartalny schedule. Hatred of Buddy Bradley " Bradley" neat things the story of Peter Bagge 's website . In the first 15 issues, he lives in Seattle with his roommates Smelly and George , and find love with Valerie then Lisa.
Simpsons Comics #206
32 pages | 39.7 мb.

Tags: Simpsons Comics Simpsons free comics
A hilarious comic in English. Simpsons - everyone's favorite animated series about the adventures of Homer Simpson and his family. Simpson's is the longest animated series and are listed in the Guinness book. He has 486 episodes. Fans of this show is all over the world. Funny little family history and was the surprise hit that it boldly mocks not
Sheltered #04
32 pages | 38.4 мb.

Tags: Sheltered Ed Brisson John Christmas 2013
Victoria and Haley are hunted, their only salvation attributes bunker. Lucas true colors are starting to show, as he takes deadly measures to maintain control of the survivors.
Zero #02
Shanghai, 2019 god.Roskoshny skyscraper party full of terrorists looking for fresh funding. Edward Zero is going to sabotage his achievement - and then the skyscraper begins to disappear bit by bit. So maybe he should look at it in the first place?

Zero #02 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Bushido #04
23 pages | 21.2 мb.

Tags: Bushido Kichiro Rob Levin Studio HIVE 2013
Written by Rob Levin and illustrated Jessada Sutthi, Bushido is in feudal Japan and tells the story of Kichiro, a young boy who is shipwrecked raised and trained in the art of the samurai bushido. As it grows, and there is a threat of vampires, Kichiro lead a small group of samurai, as soon as the line of defense of Japan.
Whispers #06
33 pages | 30.3 мb.

Tags: Whispers Joshua Luna 2013
After his journey through hell, Sam is able to untangle reality from fiction and learn the shocking truth about his powers. But when he confronts the source, it will be able to discover the truth about himself? It all ends here in a dramatic conclusion Whisper!
Thief of Thieves #17
Caravaggio. Picasso. Van Gogh. It's time for these legends to meet a real master of Redmond. But even he was bold enough to steal from the mafia?
2000AD 1854
PUNK FOREVER! 2000 ad was the original manufacturer of the problem since 1977, and it's never been easier to start reading this powerhouse of British comics! 2000 AD Prog 1854 on Wednesday, October 16 continues with fresh new stories perfect for new readers - including working with Al Ewing, INJ Culbard, Ian Edington, Pat Mills, and Michael

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