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Gears Of War #01-24 Complete
Popular video game franchise arrives in comic books stores with a blast - one month before the debut of the new Xbox 360 game! Opening six issue arc of this new ongoing series connects the end of the first Gears of War game and the start of the second, after the brutal adventures of Marcus Fenix ​​and Delta Squad in the battle against locusts!
Doc Savage - Devil's Thoughts #01
37 pages | 28.1 мb.

Tags: Doc Savage - Devil's Thoughts Doc Savage
Takes place before THE MAN OF BRONZE. Takes place in October 1931.
The Grimm Reaper #02
35 pages | 28.1 мb.

Tags: The Grimm Reaper
Shock Cinema #46
54 pages | 45.9 мb.

Tags: Shock Cinema
Normandy - A Graphic History of D-Day, the Allied Invasion of Hitler's Fortress Europe
Normandy shows the planning and execution of Operation Overlord in graphic novel form. Initial attack paratrooper shown, as well as the assault of five D-Day beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. But the story does not end there. Once allies got ashore, they had to stay on the beach. The Germans made every effort to push them back into the
Sheena - Queen Of The Jungle #02
Die Hard reboot critics screenwriter Steven E. de Souza in Eisner will Sheena, Queen of the Jungle comes to Moonstone in this action packed series! Maneater is at large, the government largesse in the thousands, and Trigger Happy hunters descend on private bus jungle as shark fisherman holds "Jaws". As mutilated victims accumulate bus knows that
Scratch9 (FCBD 2014)
Scratch9 falls new furry fury on Free Comic Book Day 2014 with a new special edition of Hermes Press. Cat of Nine Worlds - Part 1 The world's greatest super hero cat starts a brand new, full-length adventure! Nemesis for Scratch Doctor Schrodinger back and out for revenge, and this time he's not alone. The next big villain Scratch9 debuts here!
Tales of Honor #03
31 pages | 48.9 мb.

Tags: Tales of Honor Honor Harrington Matt Hawkins
HONORVERSE EXPANDS comics! Based on the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this original comic book series continues the story of Honor Harrington, as she explores the threat Basilisk Station by the Republic of Haven.
The Dead #03
30 pages | 32.1 мb.

Tags: The Dead
Revenge #04
31 pages | 77.2 мb.

Tags: Revenge Candy Griffin Franks
MINISERIES CONCLUSION! Griffin Franks finished, done, as good as dead. At least that's what his trophy wife Candy said. But she was wrong. When a pet dog Lobo Griffin dies in his arms, the trigger-"If you have us, shall we not revenge?" You bet your ass it will be ...
The Last West #05
29 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: The Last West Lou Iovino Evan Young
Opening! Critical key to the mystery of the family and found Western heated chase to find Raymond-West last alive. In addition, the library opens and miracles we see that 60 years of innovation hidden world waiting to discover. But will anyone get there in time?
The Last West #04
30 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: The Last West Lou Iovino Evan Young
Wests why do it? The responses showed that the main question in this series. And, as the impact of family secrets on America West put in the spotlight, murder and deceit threaten to keep secrets safe family West slowly killing us all in the process.
Starlight #04
30 pages | 36.4 мb.

Tags: Starlight Duke McQueen Mark Millar
Duke and his young companion was becoming deeper underground Tantalus "do everything possible to get the invaders and meeting some unlikely allies. It was 40 years since Duke last held the gun. He's still got what it takes to expel the alien invaders and tantalum save for the second time?
Shutter #03
33 pages | 79.9 мb.

Tags: Shutter Kate Kristopher Joe Keatinge
SPECIAL 'birthday party Keating'S' THE QUESTION! It is a day of celebration for our favorite writer, but on the day of the terrible consequences for Kate Kristopher! Basic loss comes when life left Kate sends a giant killer with gun bomb after it. All this plus: triceratops.
Red City #01
33 pages | 45.1 мb.

Tags: Red City Cal Talmage Daniel Corey
In the wake of the system-wide civil war, hard-nosed investigator interplanetary Cal Talmage provides a simple mission to find the missing daughter of an ambassador to Mars Central, otherwise Red Gorod.Obychny case quickly complicates Cal finds himself in the midst of competing alien mobs, street revenge and political conspiracies. He struggles
Manifest Destiny #07
29 pages | 60.8 мb.

Tags: Manifest Destiny Meriwether Lewis William Clark
Lewis, Clark and the surviving members to continue their expedition to the west, only to find no place to work on the river ...
The Walking Dead #128
31 pages | 41.3 мb.

Tags: The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman
After all this time, she should be more prepared.
2000AD 1885
30 pages | 27.4 мb.

Tags: 2000AD Carcer Judge Dredd SlГЎine
More SF barnstorming thrill of Eisner nominated anthology UK! Secrets of a mysterious section of the Ministry of Justice revealed in 7 Judge Dredd: Mega-City Confidential; Then future LAWMAN rash tackle from shooting spree in 'shooters night; Celtic barbarian Slaine crosses the causeway to the island terrifying Monadh manslaughter; The number of
Witch Doctor - Mal Practice #01
Breakthrough medical horror hit from Skybound imprint Robert Kirkman is back on call! Even the world's leading expert in the supernatural disease need to relax sometimes. But when Dr. Morrow wakes up with no memory of what - and who! - He was last night, it's just a case partying too hard or something more pernicious? (Hint: This is a malignant
Wetworks #01-43 + Preview Complete
44 issues pages | 540.5 мb.

Tags: Wetworks Claymore Crossbones Dane Dozer Drakken Flattop
Dane Jackson was a member of the original group of 7. Now, years after the group disbanded 7, International operations creates a new incarnation of the team. Dane and his team are sent to the mission, where they encounter gold symbiotic life forms, which are attached to all team members. Realizing that it was a suicide team goes rogue. As if that
The Kindred #01-04 Complete
Grifter and Backlash were once part of an elite military group called Team 7. However, after the mission led to the death of one of his teammates, Grifter and backlash grew to hate each other. Now the two men were returned with other former members of Team 7 John Lynch to explore the island of strange creatures called Kindred. And for the origins
Tales of the Realm #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 104 мb.

Tags: Tales of the Realm Robert Kirkman Matt Tyree
Fantasy meets reality! What if the amazing elements of Might and Magic were mixed with the familiar hustle and bustle of modern life on Earth? Learn how we follow the three actors as they struggle to make it big in Hollywood and several other hit TV show "Tales of the Kingdom!" This light-hearted adventure that dares to ask: is divided dressing

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