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New comics
42 pages | 114.1 мb.

Tags: Steampunk GrayHaven

Steampunk (2013)

Publisher: Other
Smoke & Mirror - Time and Time Again (TPB)
Collect the first six installments of the wildly popular series, Markosia is SMOKE & MIRROR Volume One: again and again. Due to the previously published first and second questions, along with questions from 3 to 6, as well as tons of extras and sketches.
Slaughterman's Creed #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 61.5 мb.

Tags: Slaughterman's Creed Cy Dethan Stephen Downey
Executioner's Creed is the story of the fall and rise of monsters and where ethical knife is all that separates hero from villain. The story follows the trafficker, who orders the death of the murderer, who refuses to violate their professional code. Twelve years later, the world merchant erupts in blood and chaos. On the brink of survival and
Avengeblade #01-02 Complete
Ephemeral character 2 excursions to put light on the cheaper side of comics tend to be industry-oriented and filled with enthusiasm cheap copies of other, more successful characters.
Cocomalt Big Book of Comics (one-Shot)
52 pages | 26 мb.

Tags: Chesler one-shot
An anthology comic book collecting a wide array of cartoon animal, humour, western and sci-fi comics as well as a few featuring the Cocomalt chocolate drink mascot, that would be considered very racially politically incorrect by today's standards.
Testament Omnibus
534 pages | 395 мb.

Tags: Testament Omnibus Douglas Rushkoff Dean Ormston
This digital omnibus collects all four volumes of Douglas Rushkoff in Testament critics technology adventure, magic and myths.
Kyrra - Alien Jungle Girl #00-05
6 issues pages | 201.7 мb.

Tags: Kyrra - Alien Jungle Girl Kyrra Rich Woodall
Kyrra about to turn 16, and her life is about to change forever! Her peaceful day turns deadly as she proudly through the jungle by someone or something!
Cavewoman Killing Dinos 101 #01
Meryem takes an offer to teach a class on how to protect and defeat the dinosaurs and other jungle creatures that could be found around Marshville or expedition. It's a tough world out there , but with the teacher as Meriem class and packed it all "Hot for Teacher ! Hopefully they will learn something as well! Devon once again brings his
Violator (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: Violator Violator comics image comics demon
Natural hellish demon whose main job is to guide new Spawn ( the human soul , designed to lead the armies of Satan ) on the "right " way , that is for him to be a mentor . The role of such a " nanny " for the Spawn , it certainly is not enough, because Violator despises people and believes that lead the armies of hell in the fight should he.
Shadows of Spawn (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 134.4 мb.

Tags: Shadows of Spawn Shadows of Spawn comics Shadows Spawn
Another comic book about the adventures of Spawn, made in a rather unusual anime style. The protagonist - Ken Kurosawa, which is a common street criminal. Life forced him to take the risk to save the life of a sick sister. He promised her that they were together to celebrate her birthday, but fate decreed otherwise. Ken was shot by one of his
Spawn #240
30 pages | 25.1 мb.

Tags: Spawn Cogliostro Spawn (Downing)
Cogliostro continues mentoring Jim as he learns to harness the power of the suit and deep nourishment in it ... but something goes wrong. Is this the end for Cog, or Jim prevail in the struggle against the forces of darkness, fighting for his special gift?
War Goddess #00-12 + Cover Pack Complete
14 issues pages | 560.4 мb.

Tags: War Goddess Hellina Nikki Pandora Widow
WAR GODDESS distinguishes Avatar press horror / action heroines Pandora , Hellina and widow as the central actors. New series reintroduces established " bad girl " character as the titular heroine of Pandora , as well as updates such fan - favorite characters like widows and Pandora for a new generation . Story written by a creative mind Mike
Savage Dragon #193
30 pages | 37.5 мb.

Tags: Savage Dragon Dart FirePower Parasol 2014
"Last Walk" Within 21 years, Savage Dragon is fighting for a just cause. Now that the fight comes to an end.
Krampus #03
33 pages | 62.4 мb.

Tags: Krampus Brian Joines Dean Kotz
Hunting unmarked grave in the desert, Krampus is pursuing notorious historical figure, reborn into the world of the Sugar Plum Fairies and flying reindeer.
All Star #02
26 pages | 20.4 мb.

Tags: All Star NBM
Peter Panzerfaust #17
31 pages | 30.4 мb.

Tags: Peter Panzerfaust Tiger Lily Kurtis J. Wiebe
"HUNT" Part Two Lily continues to hunt, in memory of his father ... one corpse at a time. The fourth story arc of the critically acclaimed hit series continues.
Human #01
49 pages | 19.9 мb.

Tags: Human Gabe Smith Ryan Merrill
In the next century, where Bioengineering and anatomical improvements are illegal yet common rendezvous between bounty huntress and government regulators leads to unexpected challenges, as both parties move to detain the same four-armed bio-tech dealer.

Human #01 (2013)

Publisher: Other
Arcane Secrets #02
Join the fun and adventure fighting the myth Xulu! Dr. cop, Harry and Elvis Airpuff must liberate the world from the curse Spotted tentacle, but they can not do it alone! They travel from Florida swamps to the Himalayas to get some help from Selma Witch and her servant, Otis Zombie!
Mason: Sweet Sacrilege
26 pages | 27 мb.

An expert government assassin trained to turn off emotion and illuminate challenges with extreme prejudice, finds himself duty bound to protect the daughter of a dead comrade from the Russian mob. This is the first appearance of the mysterious black ops agent known as Mason, the character known to fans of The Almighties series of comics and other
Protectors, Inc. #04
The investigation of the murder of Detective Riley Hunter leads him into the heart of the protectors, Inc, where he meets the woman of his dreams, suggesting that it is not really a killer and the other members of the Chicago Defenders. One of them killed a hunter ... and may be next after Riley.

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