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Wildfire #01
31 pages | 37.1 мb.

Tags: Wildfire Dan Miller Matt Hawkins
Genetically modified foods for an end to world hunger or first class ticket for the apocalypse? Dan Miller plant biologist working with a small group, improving the process of rapid plant growth. When things go wrong, Los Angeles pays the price in the history of natural disasters unlike any before.
Sheltered #10
34 pages | 47.2 мb.

Tags: Sheltered Ed Brisson
In the last issue of the second arc, things take a dark turn for the children in the shelter. Not all questions will survive!
Satellite Sam #09
30 pages | 56.2 мb.

Tags: Satellite Sam Matt Fraction Howard Chaykin
Clock runs out to save the network from the scandal, Michael makes the biggest mistake of my life and only friend he had left overs to face his father's murderer alone.
Witchblade #176
32 pages | 52.2 мb.

Tags: Witchblade Sara Pezzini Ron Marz
Petstsini Sarah believes that her life is back to normal ... at least normal for anyone who owns a huge ancient structure supernatural power. But when the dark secrets of an abandoned amusement park surface, investigating Sarah turns it into a living nightmare.
Thief of Thieves #22
30 pages | 27.7 мb.

Tags: Thief of Thieves Redmond Andy Diggle
THE HIT LIST continues as Conrad chooses sides in the Cartel/Mob war...and makes a dangerous new ally.
The Field #03
28 pages | 50.9 мb.

Tags: The Field Christian Ed Brisson
Our hero faces down a Christian, a former Bible salesman turned hedonist, to find out what's really going on. Smoke Eaters square off against Tomorrow Men for the right to kill our brave hero. Blood! Murder! Mayhem! Bikers and cosplayers fighting to the death!
Tech Jacket #01
31 pages | 48.5 мb.

Tags: Tech Jacket Joe Keatinge Dave McCaig
The new ongoing series by the creative team that brought you success TECH JACKET digital mini! Zach Thompson: college drop out, lives with his parents ... It's who protects us from what lies beyond our world? But he also Tech Jacket, self-styled "Galactic Guardian of the Earth," and when the spaceship big ass enters Earth's orbit, Zach will face a
Southern Bastards #03
33 pages | 65 мb.

Tags: Southern Bastards Coach Boss Earl Tubb
Earl Tubb’s one-man war to clean up Craw County begins to rage out of control, as it claims its first casualty.
Sidekick #07
34 pages | 64.3 мb.

Tags: Sidekick Flyboy Julia Moonglow Red Cowl
Flyboy learned the truth: his former partner and mentor Red hood faked his death ... a discovery that broke Barry chase all the way up to his liking. Allied now with Julia Moonglow, he seeks revenge on the man that he is honored and left him. But before he can pursue revenge, he must undergo a new hero in town, sent to him to read his recent
Protectors, Inc. #07
Angel and Detective Riley joined forces to determine who killed the hunter, and why. With each new discovery, suspicion is growing that it was one of the defenders who did work ... and there may be other unsolved murders that may have just been committed by one of their own. In a world without super-powered bad guys, there's someone finally moved
Nailbiter #03
32 pages | 42.4 мb.

Tags: Nailbiter Nicolas Finch Mike Henderson
How morgue continues to be filled with new corpses, citizens Bakar furiously demand that Sheriff Crane and director Finch arrest Nailbiter. But in a city full of murderers ... anyone could be a suspect.
Morning Glories #39
34 pages | 35.9 мb.

Tags: Morning Glories Nick Spencer Joe Eisma
Hack-Slash - Son of Samhain #01
Your favorite slasher hunter is back! When a mysterious cult monsters, Cassie is forced to return to the life she thought she had left behind. Coupled with a new partner and collided with the enemy unlike any he fought before, Cassie must resist the darkness in the world and in her own life, in a new way. Agents of evil never rest; Unfortunately
Anne Bonnie #02
33 pages | 51.1 мb.

Tags: Anne Bonnie Ariana Timothy Yates
Pirates, magic, and adventure collide in this action packed series. The sea is still in chaos after the mysterious disappearance of the Pirate Queen Anne Bonny and danger lurks behind every ridge. Join Ariana board Aloho Dawn, legendary enchanted ship as she follows her dream of becoming a pirate in the world that is still waiting for the return
East of West #13
33 pages | 40.5 мb.

Tags: East of West Jonathan Hickman Nick Dragotta
BUSILLIS Our first good look inside the den. Son of deaths and Xiaolain makes his move. Beast roams free in EAST WEST number 13.
Elephantmen #58
28 pages | 59 мb.

Tags: Elephantmen Sahara Richard Starkings
Sahara is ready to give birth to Obadiah Horn’s baby.
2000AD 1888
32 pages | 26.7 мb.

Tags: 2000AD Carcer Judge Dredd SlГЎine
More SF barnstorming thrill of Eisner nominated anthology UK! Secrets of a mysterious section of the Ministry of Justice revealed in 7 Judge Dredd: Mega-City Confidential; Then future LAWMAN rash tackle from shooting spree in 'shooters night; Celtic barbarian Slaine crosses the causeway to the island terrifying Monadh manslaughter; The number of
Heavy Metal #268
118 pages | 87.2 мb.

Tags: Heavy Metal Abraham Martinez Christian Krank
Heavy Metal jumps into effect in April this year with another fantastic blockbuster! Through the chapter seven of Enki Bilal in "ANIMAL'Z," the second part of the award-winning "EVA,В« bloody battles Marco Turini from Stefano Cardoselli, and tons more excitement from RG Llarena, Abraham Martinez, Christian Krank, Horacio Dominguez, Richard Pace,
Previews #310
571 pages | 179.2 мb.

Tags: Previews DC Dark Horse
THIS MONTH'S COVERS: New projects from Dark Horse and DC! THEME OF THE MONTH: Halloween! Since 1988, the announcement was your primary source for all of the comics and merchandise to be available upon request to the local comic book shop ... revealed up to two months in advance! Hundreds of comics and graphic novels from the best comic publishers;
Bad Dreams #03
27 pages | 39 мb.

Tags: Bad Dreams Amorpha Mary Gary Winnick
Quest bad dreams "to restore night goes on as Mary and her companions find themselves face to face with Amorpha, Queen dreams. Under her spell, nothing is truly as it seems. The intrigue continues to grow as secrets are revealed and new ones in their place!
Sovereign #04
31 pages | 41.5 мb.

Tags: Sovereign Chris Roberson Paul Maybury
Way travelers finally converge in the court of the late emperor, and his sons are already vying for the empty throne. But when the unburied dead begin to rise, encouraged by intelligence from beyond space and time, there are more pressing issues that should be considered ...
Ravenous #1
31 pages | 52.1 мb.

Tags: Ravenous Ravenous comics Creature Entertainment
Download Ravenous comics, Published by Creature Entertainment.

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