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Stitched #17
Yakuza was once the undisputed rulers of Tokyo's Harajuku become victims of unexplained ambush. They kill and turns into a stealth attack by the undead, bloodthirsty Stitched! In alliance with the dark "Nameless", which brought the supernatural magic Stitched from the Middle East, the dream of a businessman Kenji Nakamura place villainous
Crossed - Wish You Were Here Vol.3 #21
Crossed - Wish You Were Here Vol.3 #21 and Marvel comics, DC comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse comics, Valiant Universe comics, Vertigo, Boom comics, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboo
Crossed - Badlands #41
David Hine spins a bloody and scary story from the beginning crossed flash. A team of American college kids abroad are not only in a foreign country , but the epicenter , with a laugh psychopaths Apocalypse. What started as a road trip to Japan into a bloody bath debilitating pain and suffering. Even in the distant Japanese monastery church ,
Uber #07
Kieron Gillen has Uber comics world by storm. War in the Pacific changed. With the deployment of Ubers in the sea battle , suddenly the balance of power is shifting . Japanese supersoldativ have a specific purpose and supported its kamikaze pilots , they succeed in damaging allied fleet. As allies race to catch up with the development of their

Uber #07 (2013)

Publisher: Avatar
God Is Dead #03
27 pages | 44.2 мb.

Tags: God Is Dead Jonathan Hickman Di Amorim 2013
This God- like maheddon pantheon clash in the final rule. The gods of every faith in mortal combat with the Earth as spoils . Jonathan Hykman brings divine wrath to comics in God is dead ! A small group of human resistance fighters conduct covert mission to recover DNA fell deity. But can the human race, in all their arrogance, find a way to
Absolution - Rubicon #05
The final explosive issue ! Polymath beat ... John Dusk saved the day ... Or is it? Even the sick and dying Polymath going to town with him in a blaze of destruction. Can even the combined power of Dusk and police Enhanciles do what must be done to save the city ? In the last chapter of John Dusk head sends in a dangerous future. Available with
Crossed - Badlands #40
Horror master David Hine returns to Crossed : Badlands , to tell a story set on the first day after the flash - in Japan! Three students studying abroad in Japan, visit the sacred temple for very different reasons. But they soon find that C-Day, enlightenment comes only in the form of deadly suffering from the rapid spread of the disease . And
Ferals #17
DAVID Lapham reveals the full threat of Ferals in this incredible voprosu.Nechestivye Dr. Cherry thought he controls everything. But no one can control the wolf , and now eight soldiers were infected with blood. Ferals war is coming, and no one can stop him. But the thrust in the middle of the conflict , Dale Chesnutt is very Feral pedigree
Uber #00-06
7 issues pages | 421.9 мb.

Tags: Uber Collection Avatar Press Siegfried Sieglinde Siegmund 2013
Kieron Gillen reveals his epic new monthly series , starting with a special double-sized issue ! 1945 . Germany is in ruins. The war in the West can only days from completion. Threats "wunderwaffen", which will be unleashed dying Reich became ridiculous. There's no miracle weapons here . It's over. It should be finished. This is not the case.
Ferals #16
Wild threats buried deep in the DNA of citizens of the United States. Like a wild call for war to be adopted , animals from all walks of life are beginning to succumb to the violent urges within them. And the president is going to find out how deep the lineage of animal starts with Ferals paint the White House red blood. DAVID Lapham has created a
Crossed - Badlands #01-38 + Annual
Crossed begins this year on March 14 "C-Day ', the date the infection spreads and this new ongoing series launches! Since its inception, Garth Ennis' Crossed has captured the imagination of horror fans.
The Extinction Parade #03
All-out war on the type of roar like Max Brooks - author of New York Times best selling novel , World War Z, and Manual Zombie Survival, unleashes his zombie vs. vampire epic. Vampires ignored the growing threat of a zombie for too long , feeling like a zombie subdead were under them. Only too late they realize that the plague has shifted the tide
Skin Trade #03
Werewolves clash with snarling ferocity , but Randy Wade is on the verge of opening the murder trail , which ends with the death of her father years nazad.Shahmaty game is being played with the people , because fragments of life and death rates . It has to be guided into the mysterious machinations before it becomes the latest victim of a brutal
Uber #06
The second arc Uber launches this question as Kieron Gillen opens a new chapter in the most talked about series this year . The first blow in the battle between the English and German Ubers was introduced and no nation goes together. The war rages on in the Pacific theater as a Japanese kamikaze pilots try to control the forces of the United

Uber #06 (2013)

Publisher: Avatar
God is Dead #02
Jonathan Hickman brings the wrath of the gods to comics with his new series, God is dead ! Modern man is proving its technology and the destruction of rest against the old deities . But what's the use of guns, tanks , and even nuclear missiles against the power of the divine ? In their pride , the people ruled for too long. Now the legend of the
Absolution - Rubicon #04
The final battle with Polymath here and no one is safe from his murderous rage. World CHRISTOS Gage Absolution takes no prisoners , as the super power of the COP turned vigilante , John dusk, must find a way to stop to stop the juggernaut gruzovik.Erudit apparently occurred after the death of ... He is immune to all known weapons, and by all means
Night of the Living Dead - Aftermath #11
Horror writer David Hine brings original zombie phenomenon to new heights of terror wrought on the Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath! Las Vegas survivors thought they were saved, delivered to the military camp where the human race can fight against the rising tide of undead. But inside the concrete walls of a hideous evil lives and breathes
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