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Captain America - The Iron Nail Vol.4

Captain America - The Iron Nail Vol.4

Minus weapon program was re-opened, and Captain America has become miserable due to the crazy twisted machinations of Dr. Mindbubble! Jet Black, the daughter of a criminal mastermind Arnim Zola, allies of the Falcon - but when a mysterious and powerful iron nail begins to murder the head of the five largest global corporations, they must make a terrible choice! Meanwhile, Captain America can put a lid on Dr. Mindbubble, or will destroy the villain already fragile psyche of the cap? And what happens when the greatest mysteries of the shield found in the world's most dangerous man? Captain America is the ultimate sacrifice on the altar of freedom, as he takes on an iron nail - and it works! This is the day when it all changes; this is the beginning of the end for Steve Rogers. Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (2012) # 16-21.

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