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Captain Canuck #00

Captain Canuck #00

Canadian captain is a hero born in battle tested in the war, and given the choice to use their incredible abilities and advanced technology that could change the fate of the world.

Tom Evans, a bold, but is concerned about the Canadian soldiers. When he and his brother Michael to get superpowers by an alien artifact, they both have to work throughout life differences to ensure that their gifts are used to improve the whole of humanity. Thrust into the battle of balance, young Tom intervention agency must find its way as the nominal hero and captain of a Canadian to save humanity- and soul- brother from the machinations of grams of gold ... and even more dangerous forces that lurk in the shadows.

Full restart of the classic comic book hero with the words and art of the Kalman Andrasofszky, George Freeman and Ed Brisson, premieres with number 0 on FCBD and lasts a month at the end of May 2015 Do not miss!

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