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Adventures of the Outsiders (33-46 series) Complete

Adventures of the Outsiders (33-46 series) Complete

The team moved to a new headquarters in Los Angeles and was once again involved in a story with the July Forces , which ended in Moscow. Villains such as the Duke of Oil and Soviet super-team of national heroes emerged during this period. Prklyucheniya team forced its members to visit almost every corner of the globe, one plane crashed Outsiders , and the team had to spend on a desert island for three weeks. Relationships among Outsiders taut when Geo -Force tries to leave as leader , and they begin an affair with Luker . In the end, the characters are and take away from the island.
But even more trouble coming down the heroes, when hired a private detective who must infiltrate the privacy Luker ( running the model under the name Lia Briggs ) . He learns of her true identity - Emily. The detective tries to blackmail her, but she hypnotizes insolent and sends on all four sides . However, soon after finding his body and Luker arrested. But outsiders were able to restore her good name.

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