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Harley Quinn - Futures End #1

Harley Quinn - Futures End #1

Harley Quinn Bruce Timm created and Paul Dini for the animated television series Batman. In the episode "Catch the Joker" by the authors, someone had to jump out of a cake in a room full of police officers. It was decided that the Joker himself to do it would be strange and there is a need to create the appropriate assistant clown, although in the final version of the script of the episode is The Joker and did it. Paul Dini decided it would be fun to such a character was a girl. During the 10 days that lasted for writing a script for an episode of the image and role of the heroine constantly changing, first with Dini was the idea of ​​female thugs in dark glasses, which implicitly to be the Joker, but then got the idea to make Dini funny heroine that she could joke and sometimes even funnier than the Joker, because of what he would get angry at her.

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