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Micronauts Annual #01-02 Complete

Micronauts Annual #01-02 Complete

The present annual presents three stories told in the Time Traveler . They are some adventures members Micronauts shortly before their meeting in the first issue of Micronauts.

First Commander Arcturus Rann shows his biotron Android. The day before the end of 1000 research mission biotron discovers a strange swirl (force Nexus), where the rules of physics did not seem to apply. As its mission demands , he decides to wake Commander Rann to try to contact any form of life they could have met .
Thus , the commander throws sleep sofa ( witch allows him to travel back in 1000 ) and two explorers in a beautiful landscape floral. But , immediately , a strange character called himself Galactic defender, shoots them . The fight begins as Commander Rann helmet can destroy your opponent to run away.

So Ren and his companion continued to investigate strange planet that is fully populated if that ruins demontrates advanced cilisation lived here . With its sensors biotron not find Galactic Defender. This soul who in a large room , surrounded by lots of glass tubes containing corpses. Then Extremelly aging rapidly , he says two researchers history of the planet, Paradise III.

Once upon a time , his people decide that they are beautiful, and that no other race in the universe was not clear enought to have contact with them. Thus, they create a force Nexus ( witch is our hero first to discover ) in order to protect our planet . However , they also eliminated all ugly, lame , and all that were perfect. Even old age was a sign devation their criteria of excellence and means death. After all, they sealed themselves in hibernation tube aerobionic environment for excellence ... for all eternity. Only Galactic Defender awake , even if they aerobionic helmet saved him from death. Unfortunately , the power of Nexus is the cause of earthquakes all over the planet and glass flasks containing people in Paradise III was one destroyed. Just back them still alive, but his protective helmet break Commander Rann, it was just dust after he finished his story.

Ren and biotron return to their spacecraft (desire ) and continue their journey mikrovsesvitu , leaving this strange planet without inhabitant.

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