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Line of Defense #01

Line of Defense #01

By the end of the 30th century, mankind has conquered space travel and the spread in the galaxy. It was a dangerous place. In 2993 , Galactic Command was formed earthlings Empirians and Vesperons, and are responsible for maintaining law and order among the territories of the Member States. But what he calls GALCOM order , the rebels called oppression. In a surprise attack , the rebels seized the planet and its Lyrius decommisioned bases GALCOM. The proximity of the planet to the other systems GALCOM made ??‹??‹it an ideal target for insurgents to use as a base of operations in the fight against the armed forces of the Earth . Rebel attack caught unprepared GALCOM generals , but more disturbing than a show of force had intelligence reports on the new Rebel super weapon being tested in Lyrius. Now 3000AD.Galaktiki preparing for war and Lyrius become the first line of defense.

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