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The Walking Dead Compendium Vol.1

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol.1

The Walking Dead Compendium here! Since 2003, Robert Kirkman in The Walking Dead was the horror genre redefining survival with its unique and vivid account of life after the end of the world . Although the cast is diverse and often changing (including , of course , a large number of zombies) , in the heart of every story is Rick Grimes : former police officer , husband, father , and the de facto leader of a ragtag group of survivors looking to make a future for themselves in a world that one no longer has . To call The Walking Dead zombie tale up to a point, but it affects only one aspect of the story that asks the eternal questions about what it means to live . He also asked whether or not it is possible in a world full of the dead. This is a great opportunity to experience this exciting read for the first time or catch up on the tale from the first four years in the amount of material collected in one volume for the first time .

The first eight volumes of this fan - favorite series collected into one huge collection of paperbacks. Get it while supplies last.

Collects The Walking Dead # 1-48.

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