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The Walking Dead (1-120 series + special)

The Walking Dead (1-120 series + special)

Comic " The Walking Dead " shows the world after a zombie apocalypse , a chain of events that led to the " fall" of the world, to be told , but the memories of the survivors can indirectly judge that the crisis developed at least a few weeks. The exact cause of turning people into zombies was not disclosed , is also unknown source of the epidemic.
Comic storyline is the struggle for survival group. The central character is a comic Rick Grimes, a former police officer who became the leader of a group of survivors seeking permanent asylum.
The main idea developed in the comics , is "evil" inherent in all people initially , but most restrained norms and rules of conduct peaceful life. It is shown that with the destruction of social ties , with the destruction of their way of life in the context of limited resources and struggle for survival morality cease to exist in humans called them " dark side ." Consequently, the main threat to the existence of a threat along with other survivors become zombies . Not all people are able to bear it , with the onset of the crisis , many commit suicide , " taking " with a whole family , many irreversible changes in the psyche , changing people so that they are not able to return to his former life .

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