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Guy Gardner Warrior (17-44 series) Complete

Guy Gardner Warrior (17-44 series) Complete

Guy Gardner is one of the greatest members of the Green Lantern Corps and the second Lantern elected from our planet . His willpower and complete refusal to avoid any battle made ​​him one of the greatest warriors in the universe . It also gave him notoriety in society superhero nickname Batthed (Butthead). Despite the disapproval of his colleagues because of his tactics eternal offensive, he always kept his nose and would not let the opinion of others to stop him from doing what he thought was right . Little wildness with his hand evident in the fact that Guy is not willing to accept written restrictions that tie the hands of his fellow Lanterns , making it one of the most respected and dangerous guardians of order in the universe . He was also a member of the Justice League International , and at one point in his career, took the name Warrior (Warrior).

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