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Heroes Reborn - The Return #01-04 Complete

Heroes Reborn - The Return #01-04 Complete

Franklin Richards has a vision of what a life raft as flooding of New York City , while accompanied by a woman who ominously tells him he has to make a choice . He wakes up in the Everglades , where the goblin watched him . He accidentally knocked his ball into the water, and she snapped a hungry alligator. Franklin is angry and using their powers destroys the reptile to return the ball in play, which is so important to him .

Elsewhere , Peter Parker rassmatrivaettelevideniya retrospective about the anniversary of the "death" of the Fantastic Four iMstiteley . In New York , the Hulk screams in pain. Yet elsewhere , it crashes to the ground ???±?»???‚?µ???????????‰???????±???µ?????°?‚???????? that is prinimayaformu female.

As Franklin holds the ball , the images of the Hulk and Thor thing form within the globe, imystrious woman then appears . She confronts the Goblin , who is affected by fear and self- burning , then collapses into the water.

In New York City from another universe , the members of the Fantastic Four to become uneasy as Sue Storm Richards breaks down in tears.

Back in the swamp , a woman , Ashema, explains that she Franklin is one of the gods , and it is the end of the experiment rezultatomdlinnoy eons . The experiment was complete, Franklin must now decide which of the universe, the world he lives in the world and it is created for the "dead" heroes will be the one to continue. It transports the two of them in the pocket of the universe, where he sees the world , which he did. Ashema then teleports him to the bedroom of Reed and Sue Richards, who is shocked to meet the son they did not know they had.

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