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Journey into Mystery #503-521

Journey into Mystery #503-521

Journey into Mystery (vol. 1 ) was a comic that began publication in 1952, Atlas , and although it was not until the eighty-third issue that Thor even appeared in comics , not to mention the name, it is most often associated with his character. That's why after the liberation hundred twenty-fifth issue of the series in 1966, the series changed its name to become Thor (vol. 1 ) . Journey into Mystery (Volume 2 . ) Marvel was started in 1972 and ran for 19 issues. For more than three hundred issues the title remained as Thor, but in 1996, after five hundred and second issue of the series, they decided to change the name to Journey into Mystery (Volume 3) and continued Thor (Volume 1) numbering not until 1998 with five hundred twenty first question. Although they were later Journey into matters Mystery (503-521) spin out of Thor vol.1, they are not included in a collective series of Thor.

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