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All-Star Western Vol.2 #01-11 Complete

All-Star Western Vol.2 #01-11 Complete

Although Western Comics' popularity has declined with the advent of the Silver Age , editor Dick Giordano opened the genre into a new era with the return of All-Star Western . Revived after its cancellation in the nine years before the first issue reprinted several classic fairy tales Pow-Wow Smith , but also promised to introduce readers to a "new breed of blazing Western adventure" with the question number 2 . Writer Robert Kanigher lived up to the hype with a debut issue of illegal and El Diablo . his first story , the artistic Tony Dezuniga, Rick Wilson forced to abandon his dream of becoming a Texas Ranger , as his father.

While working with the infamous group of criminals known as the Gang Fenton, stagecoach robbery turned murder forced Wilson to become an unwitting outlaws , evading his father, whom he idolized . Kanigher and artist Gray Morrow predstavlenyskazki countries of Western Mexico from other stories in the issue , which has seen the mysterious El Diablo sorvatograblenie stagecoach and help a pregnant woman to give birth . What made El Diablo so intriguing however, was the unique identity of a secret hero. Bank teller Lazarus Lane was in a coma after being struck by lightning , and woke up only when the El Diablo was needed.

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