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What If - Karen Page had Lived #01

What If - Karen Page had Lived #01

Karen barely survived the attack apple, and was in a coma at the hospital. Daredevil was filled with rage and broke into the apartment kingpin at night, where he killed him in cold blood .

Matt gave up for murder, and was a jury trial . Doctor Strange and Captain America sitting on the bench gives strong testimony to the character of Daredevil, but jury still found him guilty and sentanced his forty-four years in prison.

In prison , Matt basically ignored by the rest of the population , as it killed the Kingpin. Misty and Nick Fury of SHIELD visited him , giving him the news of Karen's return to her drug habit and disappear. Misty was stripped of the title attorney.

Fifteen years later , Matt was released for good behavior , and did his best to move on with my life , never returning to the person Daredevil .

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