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Rising Stars (0-24 series) Complete

Rising Stars (0-24 series) Complete

Ten years later, the world has changed . Special pryatatsya stopped , now all of them know in person , and some of them are afraid. Therefore , defeating the black sheep in his flock , Special understand their role in the world and begin to fulfill it . They begin to make this world a better, more perfect . A part of them are killed . When one dies , part of the energy goes to all the survivors and become a little stronger. But this story is not about brorbe for power and might , this is not Highlander . Special main enemy here - these are people who are afraid of them . And who are ready to make any sacrifice to iskorinit them without understanding the danger of this enterprise. But it is easy to say - change the world for the better. And here is how to do it? Patriot - a former symbol of mega-corporations , able to fly, is invulnerable and has super- strength , but it will help him change the world for the better? Fight against crime - too small , save the planet from the threat from space - too rare. What is then left ? Nuclear disarmament. Despite the dangers it can bring to his health , his family. For ten years , he disarms all gosudartsva , killing his family and slowly dying of radiation itself . In the end - wrapped in a semi-decomposed corpse flag - one of the greatest heroes of the planet. This story is not about super- heroes , but the heroism !

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