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Night of the Living Dead - Aftermath #01-12 Complete

Night of the Living Dead - Aftermath #01-12 Complete

This Halloween , David ( Civil War X-Men) Hein defines terrifying fear of a new era of ongoing Night of the Living Dead ! Located in excess of the late 1970's we follow the world as it evolved from the zombie threat, disaster they thought that under control. When the city is blocked from quarantine , a group of survivors learns the hard way that even with a runny nose , what happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas . And in this case it means a female punk rock zombie fetishist must grow in a hurry when her boyfriend hedonistic bites real vampire . No more fun and games - it's time for a horror tale that rips you out of the safe zone with fast-paced history of violent survival. Tired of not Shambling undead vampires in your favorite comics ? This is a new stage of evolution in the cold and you can not afford to miss this year's biggest zombie chronicles ! Available with a regular smell, or Gore cover by Raul Caceres, special incentives on Terror Retailer Caceres and do not miss the ultra- limited, fully painted , original artwork for this month NLD Day undead graphic novel , which is also a retail incentive for this question.

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