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Uncanny Avengers #16

Uncanny Avengers #16

Today , Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the strange Avengers # 16 - from rock stars creators Rick Remender and Steve McNiven! Mutants are disappearing all over the world - delivered into the hands of the Apocalypse twins last desperate act of the Scarlet Witch . Now, with no time to mourn the dead , the other Earth's heroes must unite to stop the unimaginable horror of the Apocalypse Twins unleashed and save humanity and mutants alike! And it is he who will not kneel in front of potential invaders ... vindictive and feral after the death of his teammates , Thor mad god for blood - and he has his sights set on Uriel ! This God of Thunder vs. Angel of the Apocalypse , as these two titans come to earth-shattering blows ! In addition , in order to stop the twins Wasp should do what ever it will be cursed ! Can be saved Earth? Or is it too late? Learn how epic Ragnarok is now continuing in the supernatural Avengers # 16!

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