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Uncle Scrooge (1-404 series) Complete

Uncle Scrooge (1-404 series) Complete

Uncle Scrooge is a comic book with the moneygrubber Scrooge McDuck "the richest duck in the world" as the main character. The series also featured Donald Duck and his nephews as supporting characters. The first 70 issues mostly consisted of stories written and drawn by Carl Barks, the creator of Scrooge McDuck. The 71st issue had a story written by Barks and drawn by Tony Strobl. Subsequent issues often consist of reprints of earlier classic Barks tales. Starting in 1986 when Gladstone took over publishing the title they have also included new stories by American creators Don Rosa, John Lustig, Pat McGreal, Dave Rawson, Michael T. Gilbert and William Van Horn along with translations of European Disney comics by such creators as Daan Jippes, Fred Milton and Romano Scarpa originally published by Oberon, Egmont and Disney Italy/Mondadori. Among the adversaries who made repeat appearances were The Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, John D. Rockerduck and Flintheart Glomgold.

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