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Donald Duck (26-367) Complete

Donald Duck (26-367) Complete

While in America the huge popularity enjoyed cartoons about Donald , in Europe Donald Duck is better known as the comic hero . Worldwide weekly fall collections of Donald Duck comics , they are reprinting the American version of the comic book Inducks. Donald Duck comics on the go in Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil , Bulgaria, Canada, China , Colombia , Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt , Estonia, Finland , France, Germany , Greece, Hungary , Iceland, India, Indonesia , Israel, Italy, Japan , Latvia, Lithuania , Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia , Saudi Arabia , Slovakia, Spain, Sweden , Thailand, Turkey , United Kingdom, United States.
Donald Duck comics were drawing different artists , but the most famous of them - this is Don Rosa, who started working in the " duck genre " since 1987. The first character that drew Don Rose was lucky Gladstone , the exact opposite of Donald Duck . Don Rosa Donald drew comics , he also is the creator of most of the comic Scrooge McDuck .

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