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Thanos - The Infinity Relativity

Thanos - The Infinity Relativity

Annihilus, Mr. Negative Zone, making new attack on the positive of the universe in search of the source of infinite power. To stop it, the fragile alliance of cosmic patrons forms. Guardians of the Galaxy. Gladiator, Majestor of the Shi'ar. And Adam Warlock - whose complex cycle of death and rebirth left him more than ever confused about his true nature. Adam was reunited with his comrades Infinity Watch Gamora, DraX and Pip the Troll - and join new friends as Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Groot - they have the potential to end the threat Annihilus' once and for all ... if they knew as! But the answer lies in the dark minds of others. Titan, which some will be mad. Perhaps the fate of the rest in the hands of ... Thanos? Infinite Space Odyssey maestro Jim Starlin continues!

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