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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.4 - Original Sin

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.4 - Original Sin

Remember when Star-Lord, Thanos and again trapped in a terrible Cancerverse? When the Star-Lord and Nova were going to sacrifice his life to take Thanos once and for all? And remember that Drax had to die? But the Star-Lord, Drax and Thanos, it seems to run fine today. So what happened with Richard rider? It's finally time to get some answers about the true end of the saga Cancerverse! Then, when Venom leads the team to the world, teeming with colleagues alien symbiotes, Guardians will ever trust Flash Thompson again? His symbiote is becoming more and more unmanageable, and it can be seriously bad news for the team. Plus: What SHIELD Helicarrier do in space?!
Collects the Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) # 18-23, Annual # 1.

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