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Fear Itself - The Home Front

Fear Itself - The Home Front

While charity in disguise, the true identity of the people exposed to SpeedBall Stamford - where many still blame him for the deaths of six hundred babies. How Fear Itself machines can Speedball Stamford rally against snake - and forgive myself for past mistakes? Plus: Super agent Jimmy Woo Confronts deepest fears of all-new, all the action adventure! And when the teenager Analogs your favorite Avengers - X-23, Spider-Girl, Power Man and Thunderstrike - find themselves stranded on a strange island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it's their greatest fears come to life - or the birth of a powerful new super team? In addition, Marvel's top talents Spin series Globe-Spanning adventures that will test the strength of the Hero, Citizen and villain alike! Collection of fear: the rear # 1-7.

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