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Grimm Fairy Tales - The Dream Eater Saga (0-12 series) Complete

Grimm Fairy Tales - The Dream Eater Saga (0-12 series) Complete

Each issue consists of two parts. The first is a few pages at the beginning and end of the comic book, describing today. This part tells of Selo Masters - a woman who has the power to change people's lives , she tries to help people in difficult situation - gives the book , which are modified versions of the Brothers Grimm , in which people can take home lesson , giving them the opportunity to understand and correct their behavior. But people always ignore this advice and end up destroying their lives. Over time, Sela , seeing that people reject her advice , refuses mercy and begins to administer rough justice . [1] We have Sela archenemy - a woman named Belinda , who also has the power to show people a fairy tale , but uses it for evil .
The second part of each story is , in fact, a fairy tale. Fairy tales in the comic changed significantly . Often dark and cruel, they nevertheless serve the same purpose as the old tales - to teach a lesson to the reader , that he changed his life and did not finish it like the heroes of the story.

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