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Fairest Vol.1 - Wide Awake

Fairest Vol.1 - Wide Awake

In this first fair TP, collecting issues # 1-7, Sleeping Beauty was woken up again kiss his beloved. But the thief Ali Baba does not seem a likely candidate for knowing the true love of the daily biscuits. So how do you work this kiss? Plus: Briar Rose captured by the Snow Queen! Seven good fairy godmothers and one really bad! And much more!

LABOUR lost love --- and find

They call her Sleeping Beauty, but life has always been difficult for Princess Briar Rose. Cursed at birth pissed fairy, she wound up acting as a woman of weapons of mass destruction against the enemy in the last days of his war against the free Fables. She won the day, but at the cost of sending itself in a permanent slumber, of which only the kiss of true love can awaken her.

Few could have imagined that it would be Ali Baba, Prince of Thieves, w ho would have to rise to the challenge --- or that he will be accompanied by an unpleasant, it is not gene-sidekick. But, as the true origin of the briar rose is found, it can not, a sleeping beauty and her prince to avoid unsightly cold fury of the former right-hand woman of the enemy --- cold regal Snow Queen?

Find out if Sleeping Beauty is a resurrection of a dream or a nightmare in Wide Awake, collecting questions in a series of 1-7 habits just fables creator Bill Willingham and stellar stable employees --- including Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning, Matthew Sturges and Sean maxi- Manus!

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