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2000AD Free Comic Book Day

2000AD Free Comic Book Day

The largest Eisner nominated SF anthology comic galaxy returns Free Book Day with 48 pages zarjaz up stories. In Through the Out Door, a brand new story by Matt Smith and Norm Breyfogle, Judge Dredd is using the iron fist of the law to settle the dispute block; 3000 AD Kill some work, as proved traveler from Mick McMahon; Galactic frontiersman Ajax Bloodthirsty meets his match at a celestial object known as oblivion Death Rock in the new tale of Ben Willsher and Barry Krishna; Grand Master Termight disgusted to find that his final resting place has been desecrated by the legendary freedom fighter alien, Nemesis Warlock in the grave Torquemada Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill; wizened master of the occult, Dr. Xing returned to pass his mantle (and fight with a demon) to not call it a comeback, Rob Williams and Luke Pizzari; Future pilot, Dan Dare, discovers an alien companion Star Slayer and Dave Gibbons Gerry Finley-Day; Celtic warrior Slaine introduces more enemies with his ax manslaughter Pat Mills and Simon Davies; Judge Dredd support the law in some of the classic newspaper strips Dredd John Wagner, Alan Grant and Ron Smith; and prepare the mind for invasive alien melted Targ on Higher Craz-of-Naut Henry Flint.

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