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Nemesis the Warlock - Deviant Edition

Nemesis the Warlock - Deviant Edition

This Nemesis Warlock, like you've never seen it before - in color! This special limited edition hardcover is the first collection of publications Eagle Comics, Kevin O'Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) painting his original artwork. It will also include very difficult to find Nemesis Poster Prog band, grave Torquemada. Author 2000 ad creator Pat Mills (Marshal Law), as well as works of art on Jesus Redondo (Star Trek: Voyager)

In the distant future, Earth's citizens live deep in the bowels of the earth, and in constant fear of their leader - devilishly evil Torquemada. But one creature is resistance to despotic power Torquemada - the legendary freedom fighter foreigner, Nemesis the Warlock. Mad, visceral, mind-blowingly imagination, political, satirical, and unlike any comic before or since - Nemesis Warlock is one of the 2000 AD the most successful and well-known characters in two of its greatest creators.

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