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Fathom - Kiani Vol.2 #00

Fathom - Kiani Vol.2 #00

The fierce warrior Blue returns fathom: Kiani Volume 2 begins! In the first volume, she discovered that her true identity. Later, she was named a dissident from his people. Finally, she was killed by Aspen Matthews ... Now, Kayani is back and she is angry! This all-new Fathom saga starts with the return of one of the favorite heroines Aspen universe Kiani, as it returns to the spectacular underwater world of the blue looking for revenge for their past! Neutral truce between humans and blue took the emotional impact on residents under the surface, and their future as a single body is uncertain. Now, all bets are off as the true power of Kiani and capabilities-as well as shocking secrets from past-- identified in this pulse-pounding zero emissions! Brought to you by Vince Hernandez, Oliver Nome and John Starr, this debut zero issue is a completely new 12-page narrative that sets the stage for next month's upcoming premiere understand Kiani: Volume 2 # 1, accompanied by an additional section sketchbook and have never seen design and art, be sure to dive right in and pick understand ,: Kiyani !!

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