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Batman and Robin Annual #3

Batman and Robin Annual #3

Comics "Batman and Robin" about a boy who saw the murder of his parents, in consequence of which stood on crime motivated nenavisti.Gorod where the boy lived, increasingly mastered criminal clans. In the city of Gotham increase in cases of violence, robbery, and murder becomes the norm. In difficult times for the city appears a hero, able usmerit any felon and get him to flee in terror. Mysterious avenger, the hero of all time, known as "Batman," defended to protect the weak and fight crime. Solve the mystery of the hero to find out who is still hiding behind the mask of Batman wants journalist Vicky and the Joker, Batman. The movie "Batman and Robin" - classic, remaining in mind, a lot of viewers and left his contribution to the genre kinokomiksa and film. This film makes the viewer emotions and makes you watch it again and again. This legend is about a superhero ..

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