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Mankind The Story Of All Of Us Vol.2

Mankind The Story Of All Of Us Vol.2

From the producers of America: The Story of Us comes an epic tale about the rise tsivilizatsii.12-hour series covers the first flowering of civilization in Mesopotamia through the discovery of America. Innovative production technology to realize the biggest attractions and the main stages of human achievement. CGI restores the lost worlds; large-scale re-enactments of battles back to critical; innovative use of interactive maps dynamically illustrates the key factors that gave rise to civilization worldwide. Humanity: The Story of Us emphasizes the simultaneity of human adventure - as Ancient Egypt flourished while Stonehenge was built; China was at its zenith, and in Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages. History? captures the danger, action, struggle, heroism and humanity adrenaline: The history of each of us.

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